Certificate Program in Email Marketing

Program Structure

The entire program has been broken into 7 sessions of 4 hours each:

Session One

Scope of email marketing
A basic module that gives a tour on the essentials of email marketing and the important parameters that brands should watch out for to make their email marketing a success.

Evolution of email marketing & the Spam Act 2 Hours
Email marketing is a powerful tool that is being increasingly used across various sectors to target customers. While all the sectors have a common goal of getting returns through minimal investment, they sometimes miss out on the fundamentals of email marketing. This module takes you through the common mistakes email marketers make, some of which are considered a crime in the US.

Session Two – Data collection methods & best practices

Data for email marketing can be procured from different sources. This session discusses about what can be classified as bad data and how regulatory anti-spam bodies constantly monitor spam attacks to safeguard the user’s interests. It further lists the best data practices and gives examples for soliciting subscription to create a good database.

Session Three – Content strategy for email

Learn how to build a successful content strategy by planning your content around the five key elements of email marketing. Session gives in-depth understanding on creating compelling relevant content within the body of email, the importance of subject lines and significance of design layout.

Session Four – Spam & Inbox delivery

What are the deciding factors for inbox delivery and what measures should be taken to ensure mails don’t land in spam? This session provides answers to these vital questions.

Session Five – Reporting & Analytics

How to read reports? How to analyse collective data for impactful email marketing.

Session Six – Strategy for E-mail Marketing

Learn how to keep your subscribers actively engaged and win over customers who lost interest in your brand with effective Engagement and Reengagement strategies.

Session Seven – Best Practices & new- gen trends in Email

Get valuable insights on what are the Emerging Trends in email marketing

Session Eight – Case Study discussion & analysis

Each session is packed with real case studies to make the session powerful and effective. Activities and tasks are planned to give participants real life experience and help in individual development to prepare for the future.

This last session would be a group-based activity. Here groups will have to compile their knowledge & present a cumulative study covering all the points from the entire module.


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