Certificate Program in Digital Media Marketing

Program Structure

The program is broken into 2 full days of training and 4 modules. The topics included in the program are as follows:

Introduction to Digital Media Marketing

  • Growth of Digital
  • Future of Print, TV & Gaming
  • Social in Business
  • Search & Discovery
  • Mobile Data & Usage
  • E-Commerce
  • Data Visualization
  • Eco-system Transition

Terms & Terminologies

  • Types of Websites
  • Website Statistics
  • Media Metrics
  • Types of Ad Properties

Display Advertising

  • Buying terminology, Basic formulae
  • Buying models (CPM, CPC, CPL/CPA, Sponsorships)
  • Digital Plan – What should it include? How does it look?
  • Ad formats & Sizes

Introduction To Digital Selling

  • Perception of driving sales
  • Increasing On Target Earnings with powerful digital tools and techniques
  • Importance of adopting an integrated approach to the use of digital tools and social media platforms
  • Digital selling strategy


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