This intensive module has been designed to give those new to digital a complete overview of all the core digital marketing channels, how they affect each other and how they can work together in a brand’s digital marketing strategy.

Principles of Digital Assets Design: Customer Experience and Usability

Principles of Digital Assets Design:

  • Digital Marketing Basics
  • Behavior Patterns
  • Types of Digital Assets
  • Digital Integrated Campaigns
  • Reacting to a brief
  • Case Studies with various examples e.g: using various touch points (Website, Microsite, Content, Social, Mailer, Display)
  • Beauty of Call To Action
  • Exercise
  • Questions

Customer Experience and Usability

  • Customer experience basics
  • The Art of Interactivity
  • Principals of Design
  • Case studies with various e.g
  • Interface
  • Exercise
  • Questions