Digital PR has the same targets and goals as traditional PR. Digital PR plays a significant role in expanding brand awareness as well as building relationships with various media groups. Learn how to deliver a digital PR campaign that creates impact. Create a better story with effective content that engages a multi-channel audience. Align PR activities within your marketing mix and discover how search engines and social media will help you to engage your target audience.

Digital PR


  • What is Digital PR?
  • Types of Digital PR
  • Leave a Digital Footprint & Build a strong online presence
  • How to increase a brand’s reach and visibility through Digital PR
  • Know how story telling is important through Digital PR activity that helps to drive media management and customer loyalty
  • How to deliver effective content to engage the multi-channel audience through Digital PR
  • Better align PR activities with overall marketing activity to continue to maximize it’s perceived value and deliver results
  • Learn how to create and effective Digital PR strategy for brands and individual’s.