This intensive module has been designed to give those new to digital a complete overview of all the core digital marketing channels, how they affect each other and how they can work together in a brand’s digital marketing strategy.

Controlling and Optimizing Digital Marketing Campaigns – Tools/Platforms

The way digital media is bought and sold is changing rapidly and yesterday’s technology doesn’t apply today. Look at any trends in Digital media for future and you are sure to spot reports on how ‘Programmatic Buying’ is becoming the key trend and is a must know for marketers.

DMTI is the first Institute to offer this intensive course which will provide you with an advanced understanding of the programmatic media ecosystem, including an in-depth working knowledge of the key technologies that make up today’s programmatic. This course is designed to provide the foundation needed to navigate the complex programmatic advertising landscape.


  • Introduction To Digital media new frontier – Programmatic buying
  • Key Terms To Communicate Like A Pro
  • Sales Organizations – Today And Tomorrow
  • Buyer Landscape – Today And Tomorrow
  • Understanding Your Tech Stack
  • SSP/DSP Vendor Demonstration
  • 5 Stages Of Buying & Selling
  • Rise Of Programmatic Guaranteed
  • Channels: Mobile, Video, Social, Email, Native

Data & Analytics enable a brand manager to measure, manage and analyze the digital marketing initiatives to maximize campaign effectiveness and return on investment. This 16- hour training will help the marketers understand critical data points and the correct way to analyze tracked digital marketing data points. The sessions will enrich the decision-making processes for many.


  • Introduction to Digital Data Analytics
  • Web And App Analytics
  • Data To Decisions
  • Project & Case Studies
  • E-Commerce Analysis
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Intelligence Reporting