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Anyone who has used Google or any other search engine has encountered pay-per-click or PPC advertising. They are the advertisements that appear on the side of one’s search results. Basically, PPC is an online advertising medium where advertisers can show their ads when people enter a relevant query into the search engine. As the advertiser […]

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Facebook unveiled its BIGGEST algorithm change earlier this month, to favor news from friends and family rather than brands which strive hard to reach out to its audiences! This ginormous transition will certainly show a spike in the CPM rates for Facebook Ads. Most Digital marketers world over predict a jump from $1 to $15. […]

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Circa 2009, India – As a social media marketeer, yours truly like the handful of us then, realised the importance of Facebook ads as a key input on social media strategy. We were tracking brand fan pages from the West and following best practices to acquire more fans on our pages. Of course by then […]

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