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The weekend programs are designed for working professionals who are either new to digital marketing or want to specialize in a particular aspect of digital marketing. Conducted by senior digital marketing professionals, the programs are highly interactive with a focus on practical learning.

Social Media Marketing

40 Hours, Weekends Only (Saturday or Sunday)

This is a 40-hour program that will cover Social Media platforms & strategy and include Online Reputation Management, Online PR & Social Listening. The program is divided into two halves. The first half of the program will take you through in-depth features of various social media platforms such as FB, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blog, Forums, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. and how to market/communicate through them. It will talk about case studies on each of the above platforms, discuss the brand possibilities on these platforms and explain how to choose the platform & what to do on it from a brand or industry perspective.

The second half of the program will focus on building effective brand strategies on Social Media. What are the tools that can enable you to listen to online conversations? You will learn how to choose the best tool for social listening and how to analyze brand sentiment (and competition analysis). You will also learn how to build & manage the reputation of a brand (or person) online.

This program is designed for those who are interested in understanding the finer nuances of Social Media Marketing or wish to make a career in the same.


  • Understanding the various Social Media Plaforms
  • Knowing how to market/communicate through Social Media Plaforms
  • Choosing a plaform to fit the brand objective
  • Objectives and Metrics
  • Research and Mapping
  • Tools, Tactics, Targets and Teams
  • Developing an effective Social Media Strategy
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Social Listening
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Social Book Marking

Program Structure

The entire program has been broken into 5 sessions of 8 hours each:

Module 1 :Introduction to Social Media

What is Social Media?
Evolution of Social Media
How the World & India consumes Social Media?

Module 2 :Facebook for Business

The world of FB.
FB offerings for Brands
Business Pages & Features
Strategies & Insights
Case Studies
Best Practices
FB Advertising
Applications & Resources

Module 3 :Using the LinkedIn Network

Why LinkedIn
Options for Brands
Company Pages
Q & A
Advantages of using LinkedIn
Best Practices
Advertising on LinkedIn
Case Studies & Resources

Module 4 : Twitter, power of 140 characters

When & How to use
Trending Topics
Live Tweeting
Customized Content
Tools & Measurement
Klout Score
Celebs vs. Brands
Case Studies & Best Practices
Twitter Advertising

Module 5 : Brand Channels & YouTube

YouTube Statistics
Basic Features
Opportunities for Brands
Content Approach
Approach for Views
YouTube Insights
YouTube Advertising
Case Studies
Best Practices

Module 6 : Other Social Media Platforms

Forums & Reviews
Photo Sharing

Module 7 : Online PR & ORM

Critical Thinking
Planning 101
Hybrid Media Expansion
Social Snowball
Measurement & Accountability

Module 8 : Art of Social Listening

Engagement & Analytics
Case Studies
Social Media Monitoring Tools
Social Media Metrics
Social Media Evolution
Monitoring & Engagement In Action

Module 9 : Social Media Strategy

Understanding the Brand
Understanding the Objective
Understanding Strategy
Understanding the Medium – Medium Mix
Finding the intersection between Brand, Objective and Medium
Routes (brand vs theme, activities – promotion heavy, information heavy, content heavy)
Communication Strategy
Content Strategy
Refinement / Optimization

Module 10 : Assessment & Feedback

Assessments are a mandatory part of DMTI programs. DMTI Certification is given only on successful completion of projects/assignments and tests.