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The weekend programs are designed for working professionals who are either new to digital marketing or want to specialize in a particular aspect of digital marketing. Conducted by senior digital marketing professionals, the programs are highly interactive with a focus on practical learning.

Search Engine Marketing

48 Hours, Weekends Only (Saturday or Sunday)

Whether a business is new to digital media spends or has digital media as an established part of its media mix, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) forms a large part of the total digital media spends. It is the core area of customer acquisition for most brands that use digital platforms to reach out to potential customers. The demand for skilled SEM professionals far surpasses the availability of the same.

This is a 48-hour program centered on the industry standard Google Adwords program. It is a practical, hands-on program that will equip you to run an SEM campaign from start to finish. You will learn to strategize, initiate, run and optimize an SEM campaign. The course also prepares you for the Google Advertising Professional (GAP) examination.


  • Search Engine Marketing Fundamentals
  • Keyword Research & Campaign Structure
  • Campaign Management on the web console & Google Adwords Editor
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Live Campaign Management – Analysis & Reporting
  • Micro Level Campaign Optimization
  • Consultation and Practice on Live Campaign
  • Advanced Google Tools / Excel Techniques / Short Cuts
  • SEM Estimation / Planning / Strategy / Case Studies
  • Integration of Google Adwords and Google Analytics examination
  • How Google auction Works?
  • Remarketing and best practices

Program Structure

The entire program has been broken into 6 sessions of 8 hours each:

Module 1 :Session One

Who is This Course For?
Online Marketing?
Intro To SEM
Why SEM?
Important Terminologies
Create Adwords Account

Module 2 :Session Two

Under standing Campaign Brief
Defining Target Market and Market Research
Intro To Campaign Planning
Basics of Adwords
Account Structure
Adwords MCC
Campaign Type
Campaign Structure
Adgroup Strcuture
Keyword and Keyword Types
Intro To Keyword Planner

Module 3 :Session Three

Google Auction System and Bidding
Quality Score – What, Why &How ?
Text Ad-Copy & Guide Lines
Important Terminologies & Explanation
Intro To Google Display Network
Targeting Methods
Intro To Display Campaign Planner
Display Ad-Types
Keyword Planner
Display Campaign Planner

Module 4 : Session Four

Live Campaign
Keyword Research and Planning
Display Research and Planning
Ad-Copy Writing
Campaign Setup
Use of Display Ad Builder
Performance Tracking & Reporting
Google Analytics (Linking & Brief Intro)
Landing Page Analysis Levers
Search Optimization Levers
Display Optimization Levers

Module 5 : Session Five

Reporting and Analysis
Optimize Campaign
Review Assignment
Advance Features
Dynamic Keyword Insertion
Bid Adjustments
Auction Insights
Setup Video Campaign (Sample)
Google Merchant Center
Shopping Campaign
Adwords Editor
Mobile Campaign
Dynamic Search Ads
Change History
Adwords Scripts

Module 6 : Session Six

Fundamentals Exam
Best Practice of Search, Display, Remarketing, Shopping,
Latest Features
Industry Case Studies