Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

All visitors to and its mobile application on Android and iOS are advised to read and understand the privacy policy. The DMTI website and its mobile applications on Android and iOS will be collectively referred to herein as the “Site”.

Accessing the website and the use of its mobile application on Android and iOS will imply that you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the privacy policy and provide your consent for collection, storage and usage of information provided by you from time to time.

The privacy policy may change from time to time due to which we strongly recommend that you revisit the page to stay updated with the changes.

What information does DMTI (Digital Marketing Training Institute) Collect?

  • Personal Non-identifying Information – Visitors to our “Site” may be tracked for the pages they visit and navigate, the sequence in which the pages were visited, the time spent on the pages, the date and time of visit, DMTI resources downloaded, the hyperlinks clicked, the time spent on the “Site” and User geography from their point of connection among other personally non-identifying User behaviour for the purpose of understanding User behaviour to help streamline offerings and improve the User Experience of the “Site” and Customer Experience for our business offerings.
  • Personally Identifiable Information – Personally Identifying Information will be collected where necessary of Visitors and Users of our “Site” who provide us with relevant personal information as required when – registering for DMTI products and services, purchasing DMTI products and services (not including payment authentication details), signing up for Email updates, answering surveys, submitting reviews and/or ratings, participating in DMTI forums.

This Personally Identifying Information will be used to streamline DMTI products and services to track and monitor payment schedules, monitor and evaluate DMTI service providers (including but not limited to DMTI Faculty), provide access to Courses and Trainings, assist you with DMTI courses and training, respond to your queries, update you with news and events immediate to DMTI curriculum and/or relevant to DMTI courses and trainings, inform you of courses and training schedules, and notify you about “Site” maintenance and updates among other related matters pertaining to a smooth and uninterrupted provision of DMTI Products and Services.

The above information is collected from time to time to help us provide a seamless, efficient and safe experience customized to user needs.

We believe in maintaining the privacy of the users and hence we provide you the option of not divulging and specific information that you would not want us to store or use other than that deemed necessary to permit the use of DMTI Products and Services.

We may archive information appropriate to and necessary for aiding future communications with you and will not retain any information collected by us for any longer than we may feel it is important for improving user experience of the “Site”, offers targeting and/or as required by laws applicable in India. If required we may reveal/disclose information that is lawfully sought from us by the judicial system.


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