Certificate Program in Programmatic Buying & Planning

Program Structure

The program is spread over 6 days to give participants enough time for self-study and practice between each session. Each session is of a 3-hour duration. Details of the individual modules can be seen below:

Day 1

Evolution of Digital Advertising (until 2008)120 minutes
  • Advertisers
  • Publishers
  • Ad Networks
  • Ad Exchanges
Digital Advertising 2008 – present60 minutes
  • Rise of Social Platforms
  • Dawn of Programmatic
  • Growing role of Technology in Advertising

Day 2

Current Landscape & Challenges180 minutes
  • Programmatic Buying & Ad Exchanges -> DSP, SSP
  • Key Enablers and Preconditions
  • DSPs and ATD (Agency trading desks)
  • Targeting options

Day 3

Hands on Experience150 minutes
  • Simulation platform Live Demo and campaign set up
Hands on Experience30 minutes
  • Q & A

Day 4

Hands on Experience90 minutes
  • Understanding Bidding
Hands on Experience90 minutes
  • Programmatic Sales
  • SSPs and PMPs

Day 5

Hands on Experience90 minutes
  • o DMPs
Hands on Experience60 minutes
  • Evolution of Creative
Hands on Experience30 minutes
  • Q & A

Day 6

Hands on Experience180 minutes
  • Ad Frauds
  • Transparency
  • Road Ahead


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