Online SEO 101 A

Program Structure

  • 7-week Certificate Program.
  • 3-hours weekly online sessions, followed by a 1-hour assignment review before every session. Total 28 hours over 7 weeks.
  • 2-hour MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) after completion of the training.
  • Training over an Online Platform* based on the convenience of students and faculty members.
  • Experts from digital marketing industry will conduct voice-based training over the platforms mentioned below.
*Online Platforms: GoToTraining / Skype / Google Hangout

The entire program has been broken into 8 sessions; 7 sessions of 4 hours each (3 hours training & 1 hour assignment review) Plus 1 session for Assessment:

Session 1 : Introduction
Session 2 : Website Audit
Session 3 : Website Setup
Session 4 : Set up Google Analytics & Webmasters
Session 5 : Optimizing Content
Session 6 : Off Page SEO
Session 7 : Tech Aspects / Optimisation
Session 8 : Q&As & MCQ (Multiple choice questions) Test for 2 hours.



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