Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing

The modern revolution of technology has heralded the era of the digital. Internet is the defining factor of everybody’s life. India has become the second largest Internet User Base in the world at 402 million users. Smart-phone users have increased from 238 million to 340 million users, most, if not all of which, are connected to the Internet. These statistics have enabled advertising adapt to the media quite comprehensively through Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing Institutes is the need of the hour

Statistics show that there is a distinct lack of professionals who possess the necessary training to work with the digital market. Due to this, there is a very large gap between the demand for digital marketing professionals and the supply. Individuals who have certificates from digital marketing institutes are considered rare and, as such, are much sought after. These individuals are also able to claim a higher salary than those in regular marketing jobs. It is safe to say that people trained in digital marketing courses will have a much larger scope for jobs and high salaries than a traditional marketer.

Foundation is the key in getting placements.

Before tapping into the limitless potential of this medium, one needs to understand how best to use it effectively. Jumping in head first and getting a placement in the digital marketing field is an option, but this route relies on the experience one would gain from the role. All digital marketing training is acquired on the fly, and this could lead to a very fragmented understanding of the business. Jobs means deadlines and working under pressure is not a conducive way to learn and grow. In a field as dynamic as digital marketing, real world experience is priceless, but one needs to have a foundation on which they can continue to expand their knowledge.

The best way to create this foundation is by means of a digital marketing course. A digital marketing course will provide an all around understanding of digital marketing. Digital marketing training will touch on every aspect, helping you understand how the various divisions of digital marketing work together to create a successful marketing campaign. A digital marketing course will arm the marketer with the knowledge and skills required in the field beforehand, meaning students hit the ground running.

Be on top of the trends

Mumbai is the breeding ground for the next generation of pioneering digital marketers. With access to a variety of certificate as well as diploma courses in Digital Marketing, Mumbai has been noted as the digital marketing capital of India. But, most digital marketing courses in Mumbai do not provide a complete 360 understanding of digital marketing. Many digital marketing institutes will have courses focused on a specific aspect of digital marketing. This ignores the other aspects of the field and how they are linked to each other. Digital marketing institutes in Mumbai also lack the concept of a post-course placement. Students are often left confused as to how to take their first step into the field and institute placements greatly help build confidence.

Comprehensive training equals to dream placements

The Digital Marketing Training Institute, DMTI, is India’s premier digital marketing institute, based in Mumbai, offering courses dedicated to understanding the field of digital marketing. To tackle the digital market, a marketer must have the right mind-set and the right knowledge. We aim to inculcate both in our students through our digital marketing course, so that they not only enter this global market but soar with success.

Keeping these requirements in mind, we at DMTI, Mumbai have created the Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing. An intensive and full-time digital marketing course, the PGPDM has been structured to give students a complete understanding of digital marketing. Major topics such as SEO, Social Media Marketing, SEM and Content Marketing will be taught alongside the more subtle nuances as part of the Digital Marketing training. The PGPDM course by DMTI has been created and is taught by vetted professionals who posses years of experience in the field. Their personal experiences and advice will complement the knowledge imparted throughout the year.

The best and most exhaustive training in Digital Marketing

Substantial research and real time experience are the basis of the Post Graduate Program syllabus. The year is divided into 4 trimesters, two of which will be dedicated to a paid internship. The first two trimesters will consist of the theoretical aspects of the course. The DMTI Post Graduate Program contains 22 modules devoted to various aspects of Digital Marketing, such as SEO, SEM, Online PR, Digital Content Writing; etc will provide focused and relevant information. Projects and assignments will aid self-studying, reinforcing what is learnt in class and allowing students to interpret the information to best suit their needs. The information imparted in these classes will lay the foundation for your digital marketing career.

Some of the core concepts you will be taught in the Digital Marketing Course are:

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing:
  • You will be introduced to the field of digital marketing and get an understanding of all the different components in the field.

  • Search Engine Marketing:
  • Here you will understand how to use SEM to increase web-page visibility in search engine results.

  • Search Engine Optimization:
  • The SEO module will teach you how to create content which organically improves web-page visibility.

  • Social Media Marketing:
  • You will be taught how to use one of the most versatile tools in digital marketing to aid your marketing efforts.

  • Mobile Marketing:
  • Understand how to effectively use mobile devices to improve your marketing strategies.

  • Digital Content Writing:
  • This module will show how to create content which is creative as well as effective to your marketing strategy.

  • Online Reputation Management & PR:
  • The ORM & PR module will help you understand how to build and maintain a reputation online.

  • Digital Media Strategy:
  • Create and implement your own Digital Media Strategies to take your brand to the next level.

  • Programmatic Buying:
  • Understand how this powerful tool can help your marketing strategies gain more conversions and save time.

These core modules, coupled with several others, will form the bulk of your theoretical digital marketing training. You will understand what drives consumer behavior, how to create digital marketing strategies and how to take a campaign from ideas to completion successfully.

Top practical exposure for the best experience

For the second half of the course, students will be placed in a paid internship, given a capstone project and a final placement. Throughout the year students will also be participating in a “Career Transformation Program”, designed for personal development of the students and will focus on the soft skills of the individual. The hands-on experience will also prepare the students for the real world workings of the digital market. DMTI, Mumbai is the only digital marketing institute which offers 100% placement post the course. DMTI has created a list of companies and organizations where we students will be able to do stellar work while improving their knowledge and skill-set.
• Foxymoron
• GroupM
• HopinTown
• Ideate Labs
• IProspect
• Jubination
• Komli Media
• Netcore
• Orra
• Reach Local
• SMG Convonix
Our goal at DMTI, Mumbai is to educate and enable the new generations of marketers with the knowledge they would require to succeed in the digital market. With passionate and dedicated professionals designing, teaching and assessing the course, each student will have a personal connect with their professors. Digital has the offer to shape dreams, join DMTI to shape yours.

Duration: One year, full time.
Location: Mumbai

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