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“The only thing worse than training your employees & having them leave is not training them and having them stay “

-Henry Ford

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Most firms have accepted the digital mode of marketing, which is reflected in their presence on the web.

Marketing managers agree that online presence is important and that digital tools provide their companies with major opportunities. But the real question is; are they taking the steps required to benefit from online sales? Are they engaging their customers through new technologies such as social media? At what level are the customers engaged? What metrics are they using to assess their performance online?

The truth is that most companies are still trying to figure out how digital media can meaningfully improve their bottom lines. In an environment where everyone seems to be going digital, the most pressing competitive challenge for a marketing manager is to go beyond scratching the surface of the what’s possible in the digital world. Today’s customer has abundant information and choices and it is not easy to engage her. While the digital channel provides great opportunity, most companies fail to leverage its true potential.

The cause is simple. Most organizations lack internal resources to develop the rapidly evolving skillsets and analytical capabilities required to generate strategic insights from their digital marketing efforts. Without the right skills, the digital tools create little competitive differentiation for these organizations.

The Corporate training division at DMTI, through its customized approach and deep industry insights, delivers programs that help professionals develop capabilities required to address the current business challenges.