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Why Your Team Must Be Up-To-Date About Digital Technology

Aug 22 2019 admin

digital marketing technology

From being just another marketing strategy to being the biggest marketing strategy digital marketing has come a long way. Which is why as the days go by, it becomes increasingly crucial for marketing teams of any business in any industry to be well versed in this subject. Digital marketing no longer means having just a website or a few Google AdWords, it is a many-faceted strategy that is now vital to a firm’s marketing prowess. Still not convinced that your team needs to upgrade? Here are some facts:

  • Digital marketing reaches your audience where they are: The average internet user has around 7 social media accounts. That is 7 platforms where they can be exposed to your messaging. Not just customer engagement, social media has become a prime customer service channel as well. People are more likely to reach out to businesses through social media in case of poor experiences instead of calling a customer support number. If that’s not incentive enough, here’s a statistic to put things in perspective: 48% of people say they made their last online purchase as the direct result of a Facebook ad.
  • Helps you compete with the bigger fish: Instead of giving up and rolling over in the presence of bigger brands, digital marketing optimisation makes it possible for smaller, homegrown businesses to thrive. The cost-effectiveness of digital marketing means that a brand does not have to spend millions in advertising revenue to grab eyeballs, only a wise use of keywords.
  • Helps you focus your advertising: With traditional marketing, targeting one’s audience can be a hit or miss. An advertisement on television may be on a channel that your target audience watches but it is no guarantee that the message has reached them. With digital marketing technology, your team can channelise their efforts into hyper-targeting your audience. For instance, with the use of Search Engine Marketing, a subset of digital marketing, one can target a group of people who are searching for the brand’s offerings. So creating an ad that targets very specific recent behaviour, interest, location or other identifiers makes it very highly relevant and increases one’s chances of conversions.
  • Figure out how your campaign is doing in real-time: With traditional advertising, you may have to wait days if not weeks to figure out how your ad is doing. With digital media marketing strategy, one can cut one’s losses early on in the game and tweak your campaign in real-time. Not just changes, you can also learn about the demographic clicking on your ads and visitors down to the minutest detail.

So as you can see, digital marketing offers a whole bunch of benefits to the average business. All the more reason to ensure that your marketing team is up to date on digital marketing.