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Why And How You Should Use Twitter for Your Business

Aug 19 2019 admin

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“Get on Twitter”, is something business owners are frequently being advised to do. But not many businesspeople understand why they should be on Twitter in the first place. After all, the number of Twitter users are much lower than the number of Facebook users and platforms like YouTube and Instagram seem like a better option. However, businesses have much to gain from Twitter as can be observed from the increasing number of brands that are getting on Twitter for their marketing and customer service solutions.  Still sceptical? Here are some reasons that can help:

  • Connect with your customers: Twitter is fast becoming a social media marketing destination for businesses both small and big. Sending out personalised messages to the customer and directly engaging with them is a wonderful way to increase the trust and appreciation a customer has for one’s business. Not only does it help keep the audience engaged, but it also offers them a fantastic avenue to get their updates about the brand and its latest offerings. So from sales to promotions and new launches, your customer can find them all in one place.
  • Keep an eye on the competition: The vast amount of customer feedback and complaints on Twitter also offers the business insight into what their competitors are doing and come with their own strategies to counter them. Now one can’t physically go about compiling all the data one can get on one’s competitors on Twitter, which why it is best to use Twitter tools to help one out.
  • Twitter marketing is free: Creating an account on Twitter and engaging with one’s audience does not have to cost anything at all. The only expense which a business can incur is the promotional cost if it decides to promote its tweets.
  • A new medium of customer service: SMO techniques are a huge boon for businesses struggling with customer satisfaction. Reaching to customers who have had negative experiences with one’s brand can help the business immensely. The prompt response and speedy resolution of one’s problems mean that the customer issue is swiftly sorted, they have a good experience with the company, and then they go out and become brand advocates.
  • Increase sales: Social media marketing techniques are a great way to boost one’s sales. Research shows that customers are more likely to purchase or recommend a brand after following it on Twitter. Of these followers, 50% are more likely to buy or sign up for services from the brands they follow. As the numbers make it clear, being on Twitter is an incredibly crucial opportunity to make more sales and grow one’s revenue.

Now that you know how much Twitter can benefit your business, what are you waiting for? Change your social media game and get on the platform now!