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Which are the Digital Marketing resources (i.e. blogs/websites/apps) one can follow for digital learning?

Jan 03 2019 admin

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Anyone who follows digital marketing knows that it is an ever-changing field. Its evolving nature is what keeping up with the latest in the industry such a crucial thing. Even the sources from where one can get their nows from can go out of date easily, so choosing where you get your news from is important too! From well-known websites to the premier digital media courses in Mumbai, let’s take a look at a few spots one can rely on to get the most up-to-date news of the digital marketing industry.

HubSpot: For those who wish to keep up with the latest in today’s inbound marketing and content marketing best practices, HubSpot is the site to be on. The company, which defined inbound marketing runs a blog which is one of the best places to get up to date on all things digital.

The Digital Marketing Training Institute: DMTI as it is better known as runs the most premier digital media courses in Mumbai that helps its students stay in touch with the latest in industry developments and strategies while also training them in digital marketing best practices.

Inside AdWords: An official Google product, Inside AdWords, is a comprehensive trove of relevant articles on digital marketing. While AdWords is the main focus, one does learn quite a bit about mobile digital marketing.

Social Media Examiner: Want to conquer social media? Social Media Examiner is the choice to make. Its helpful and insightful analyses of the social media sphere is a boon for those trying to find success on the platforms. For those truly struggling, the site offers a series of super helpful tutorials.

ReadWrite: One of the most read tech news sites, ReadWrite can be relied upon to provide reliable news and analysis of the digital marketing world.

TrendSpottr: Need predictive analytics to identify trending information from data streams from platforms like Facebook, Twitter and more? Then TrendSpotte is the site for you! The site helps you stay in touch with the trending topics in the digital sphere and can help you create relevant and engaging campaigns.
MarketingSherpa: For those who need to be updated on the latest in email marketing, B2B marketing, inbound marketing, copywriting and more, the MarketingSherpa’s online research institute is the best place to be. The site is packed with webinars, videos, articles and all things digital.

Mashable: Founded in 2005, Mashable is one of the finest digital media sites in existence. The site contains articles, blogs and videos on digital marketing and is a vital tool for anyone considering a career in the industry.