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What The New Google Broad Core Search Algorithm Means For Your Brand

Apr 03 2019 admin

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After many weeks of speculation by multiple SEOs that stated that Google may have launched unannounced algorithm updates, the company finally confirmed the news. Announced on Google Search Liason’s Twitter account, the board core algorithm update was launched on March 12, 2019. Wondering about how these changes can affect you and your paid search optimization efforts? Read on.

The update in brief.

Though the announcement about the update has been made, Google still remains quite tightlipped about it and vague about the details. There is virtually no information about the changes that have been made nor about what types of websites are potentially going to be affected. One of the results of the Google Medic Update of last year that brought about massive traffic gains and losses to a large majority of websites is that SEOs now keep a keen eye on any significant ranking changes on myriad industry websites. This algorithm, though new, is one of Google’s routine updates aimed at making certain changes that can affect the rankings and traffic of websites. Also, as Google has claimed that these new changes will benefit “previously under-rewarded” sites, some pages may see an uptick in rankings and traffic.

Significant effects

While on one hand, this update is not expected to be as big as the Google Medic Update, SEOs have observed significant changes in traffic since the last week of February till the first week of March which suggests that the update was already in play at that point of time. Some hitherto neglected keywords have seen a huge boost in ranking, with some even reaching the first page. This spells good news for those using those keywords as they will now experience more traffic and get more out of their paid search optimization. As the update targets keywords across industries, businesses all across the board can enjoy its benefits. This also means that the update is industry agnostic, instead targeted only towards sites that have optimised their content to Google’s E-A-T standards.

Fixes and optimisation: While on one hand, the new update has helped many websites enjoy increased traffic and outreach, the websites which lost out by not performing well are not expected to be fixed by Google, as stated by the company. This can be perplexing for some websites that wish to optimise their rankings as it makes identifying the issues a challenge due to the lack of any specific issue. So what is a brand manager to do in such a case? Well, the only way ahead is to continue to create and publish better content to drive more traffic and boost one’s rankings.