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Ways Brands Can Use Facebook Messenger And Chatbots To Grow Their Audience

Apr 03 2019 admin

social media marketing

Interest in chatbots has been on the rise in recent years due to their ability to unburden brand managers of mundane tasks. Chatbots, especially Facebook chatbots help brands handle customer responses in a timely manner while weeding out frequently asked questions.

As Facebook data shows, 53% of people are more likely to interact with a business they can message easily and 50% of people consider messaging a modern form of business communication. A chatbot’s ability to increase conversion rates with its pre-written and planned messages offers businesses a huge opportunity to rev up their digital outreach. Here is how a chatbot can help your business up its social media marketing game.

Improve customer service: This one is quite obvious. Providing one’s customers with automated messages helps them get an immediate response to their queries. This sets a high customer service level and increases conversion rates. Building a chatbot takes care of all the Frequently Asked Questions that a business faces on a day-to-day basis. Offering multiple choice responses that boil down to a specific question is one of the easiest ways to go. The relaying of precise and accurate information in an immediate manner prevents potential consumers from seeking out other alternatives or competitors.

Build brand awareness: Informing potential consumers about one’s brand and its offerings through a chatbot is an excellent social media marketing way to capture their interest. It helps the brand convey itself in a manner that appeals to its target audience and funnels them into the company’s sales cycle. Some brands like UNICEF, use their greeting message to convey the goals and objectives of their organisation. Others use a menu at the bottom of the messenger screen.

Encourage people to visit your product page: Apart from using chatbots to appeal to one’s potential customers chatbots also helps direct them to one’s product pages. This key point to note here is that the messaging should be natural and conversational, not as a sales pitch. If directing people to one’s product pages is not something that one desires, one can also add a shop button to the menu.

Use broadcasts to inform subscribers to about new products and services: Chatbots, especially Facebook Messenger Chatbot can also be used to send out broadcasts to one’s subscribers. These broadcasts can be about new launches, information or important business news. One can also inform them about new additions to one’s blog. The idea is to be helpful and add value to one’s customer’s life, through content that engages them in a conversation, not send out a sales pitch.

Used wisely, chatbots offer innumerable ways of pleasing one’s consumers and giving them exactly the information that they require from one’s brand.