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Want Something To Go Viral? Here’s How You Create Engaging, Relevant, Sharea-ble Content

Jun 20 2019 admin

how to improve social presence

Anyone can produce content. But creating engaging, relevant and shareable content is an art form. Only content bearing these hallmarks will give creators the desired results of:

  • increase in traffic
  • clicks
  • opt-ins
  • conversions
  • sales
  • comments
  • likes
  • mentions

Creating content that does not align with these characteristics is a waste of time for both creator and audience. But as we said, creating content that makes the audience interact with it is an art form, what social media strategy do we need to apply to go around creating it? Here are some tips.

  • Be original: In an era where nothing is new, being original can be a difficult task. However, that does not mean that brands cannot be original in their own way. Create content that stands out from the crowd. Give your content a unique spin and voice, make it personal and full of personality.
  • Produce actionable content: Your content is ready and uploaded, the audience has read and appreciated it, so now what? Where is the audience supposed to go from here? Do you want them to buy your product or service? Do you want them to share the article with their family and friends? This is why your content should be actionable. Include a call to action in your posts, make signing up for newsletters easy and the forms visible and upfront.
  • Publish accurate information: Be careful while including statistics and research in your content. Make sure that the sources are of good quality and reliable. Picking up random information from random unproven sites can end up causing more harm than good.
  • Tell a story: Everybody loves a good story over hard data. Master the art of storytelling and that is half your SMO marketing strategy taken care of. Stories that elicit an emotional response in people are more likely to garner likes, shares and engagement. This includes behind the scenes looks into your product, stories about the people working in your organisation and more.
  • Use visuals: Humans are visual creatures. Photos and videos are much more likely to boost your audience engagement as they appeal to your consumer’s visual senses. Original photos, videos and infographics make the SMO content more enjoyable and thus more engagement worthy.
  • Mix up your content: No one likes to eat the same meal every day, so why would anyone like to view the same content every day? Shortening attention spans means that a brand should ensure that its SMO optimization has a mix of everything to catch the audience’s eye. So one day could be about DIYs, another day an interview, next a how-to, so on and so forth.


Time, effort and a little experimentation can go a long way in capturing the audience’s attention and make your content go viral.