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This is The Age of Social Influencers

Jun 20 2019 admin

importance of social influencers

No one who is online these days is unaware of the widespread impact of social influencers. From Instagram to YouTube, influencers abound across our social spaces and heavily influence our purchase decisions. Those of us who are not caught up in this whirlwind of influencers may well ask who are these influencers and why do they matter so much? In simple terms,  a social influencer is someone who wields influence on social media. These people are not necessarily celebrities, they can even be someone’s family member, anyone who influences their audience to make certain decisions is an influencer. With an increasing number of brands relying on SMO to do their marketing, the importance of influencers is also rising. The fact that one need not be a celebrity to be an influencer and that even a common person can become one is a pretty important thing to note.

Why are influencers important for a brand?

Raise your hands if you use Adblock while browsing sites. With some sites becoming more ads than content, people online and especially on social media are getting tired of being bombarded by advertisements. And when the consumer is blocking your ads, you’re the only loser in the game. An online influencer cuts through this clutter and delivers results through the most potent marketing tool, word of mouth. As any student of SMO marketing can tell you, this mode of marketing is extremely effective as they influence up to 20-50% of all purchasing decisions across categories. In fact, research by Twitter shows that nearly 40 percent of users had made a purchase as a direct result of an influencer’s tweet. Bottom line is that consumers are more receptive to recommendations from someone they trust and respect.

How can brands use influencers for marketing?

The many benefits of influencer marketing doesn’t mean that is should be the only arrow in a brand’s social media strategy quiver. A good marketing mix should, however, give this strategy due respect and incorporate it into their marketing mix. One major benefit that social influencers offer is that of a large captive audience in the form of a subscriber base. This pool of already engaged audience is more receptive to what the brand and the influencer have to say. This helps a brand reach out to a broader audience and segment their efforts through a more effective SMO optimization strategy. Another advantage is that influencers who advocate for a brand help it gain credibility. After all, we as humans are more likely to trust or buy something if someone else has already used it and has given a good review.

All in all, social influencers are the next big thing in social media marketing and it makes sense to adopt it as an integral part of one’s social media strategy.