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The Refined Facebook Algorithm: The New KID on the Block!!

Jan 19 2018 admin

Facebook unveiled its BIGGEST algorithm change earlier this month, to favor news from friends and family rather than brands which strive hard to reach out to its audiences! This ginormous transition will certainly show a spike in the CPM rates for Facebook Ads. Most Digital marketers world over predict a jump from $1 to $15.

Surprisingly, brands seem to be extremely stoic about this recent update and rightfully so because they have it ingrained in their minds that unpaid content has always gotten very minimalistic visibility on Facebook. Having said that, going forth brands will definitely re-look at their organic content strategy and invest smartly!

In order to reach out to their audiences’ brands will focus more on what their audiences will be interested in knowing rather than what the company’s point of view is. This is turn will pave way for advertisers.

Facebook has categorically transformed its algorithm to instigate people and brands at large to generate quality and relevant content. To keep the brand buzzing amongst its audiences, companies could possibly gratify people more often than not, to get them to share their experiences on social media. Alternatively, brands can even invite user-generated content to stimulate interaction with its viewers.

More than the brands this KID is going to create a lot of ruckus for community managers and ironically in a positive way. Most community managers are often at the bottom of the social pyramid as they battle routine tasks like sharing posts and keeping an eye on the brand’s social image! But, following this update community managers’ will see a huge demand surge as Facebook has declared to favor newsfeed that attracts a lot of user comments and engagement.

Moreover, the responsibilities of community managers will certainly have more colors in its rainbow. They won’t just be expected to respond to comments and maintain the brand page but will be required to stay on their toes to keep pushing meaningful conversations. So for instance, just responding to a comment by saying “We shall get back to you shortly” and sidelining the “would be conversation” won’t help. Instead they will be expected to drive a conversation as this change is completely a – “ALL-HANDS-ON-DECK” change!

So digital marketers its time to buckle up and start cultivating conversations for your brands…GOOD LUCK!