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The Digital Edge: Benefits of having a career in Digital Marketing

May 18 2016 admin

The world is steadily going digital in all aspects and marketing is no different. With the ever increasing reach of the internet, the world is becoming one global market. However, there is a surprising lack of individuals who understand and can work in this new market. Digital marketing is becoming the new norm and the career prospects in the field are numerous. 4 of the many benefits are:

In-Demand professionals:

As we stated above, there are a plethora of posts but not enough people to occupy them. Added to that, it’s predicted by 2020 that there will be nearly 150,000 jobs in the digital sector and the demand for digital marketers is set to rise by 38%. Entering a field where demand exceeds supply is always a good idea.

Wider career choice:

The scope in digital marketing is growing everyday and there will be a post for every aspect of it. As such, people with their specific skill-sets and interests will be able to choose what they find appealing without much hassle. Every year, both large and small companies create hundreds of digital positions in their company which need to be filled by talented and skilled workers. With even new industries such as IT and luxury now turning to digital marketing to appeal to a larger audience, employable opportunities are set to rise at an astronomical rate.

Bigger pay cheques:

In a field with a large number of positions and not enough people to fill those, you can treat your knowledge and skills as a rare commodity to negotiate your pay. Salary hikes are also more common in the digital industry, making it a very appealing field for many to enter.

Create your own career:

While most traditional professions require you to earn experience only after gaining an internship, you will be able to form your online presence before needing any form of official employment. Gain followers on social media, showcase your work through blogs and forums and take online exams which show your proficiency in digital marketing. Companies keep tabs on websites such as HubSpot to pick up people they feel have talent.
Digital Marketing is going to grow and become one of the largest markets in the world and widen career choices greatly.

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