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The 6 Stars of Social Media and how to advertise on them.

Jun 15 2017 admin

Social Media has become an inseparable part of our lives. It inspires us, prompts us to take action, start a change-sparking conversation, and express ourselves freely. The Social Media landscape is dominated by 6 leading platforms, each a star in its own right. So, how do these platforms use Digital Marketing to help businesses to better reach out to the targeted audience? Is it possible for businesses to thrive by making their presence known on these platforms?

The answer is a big yes! And it is important for you, who know the power of Digital Marketing, to get a better understanding of this and use it to your advantage.
So, sit back as we take you on a journey to these stars and give you a panoramic understanding of how to advertise on them.

Star #1 – Facebook

*Till the first quarter of 2017, 1.28 billion people log onto Facebook daily; this represents an 18% increase year over year!
*As of April 2017, India had 213 million Facebook users.
*Facebook provides 11 different objectives, which advertisers can select for their campaign. Once an advertiser selects an objective, Facebook will recommend the best ad type and report on the most relevant Key Performance Indicators such as conversions, app installs, clicks to website, video views, likes, etc.
Some examples of these objectives are:

  • Clicks to Website: Encourage people to visit your website.
  • Website Conversions: Promote specific actions for people to take on your website. You’ll need to use a conversion–tracking pixel to measure your results.
  • Page Post Engagement: Boost your posts and increase likes, comments, shares, video plays and photo views.
  • Page Likes: Build your audience on Facebook.
  • Mobile App Installs: Encourage people to install your mobile app.
  • Mobile App Engagement: Encourage people to use your mobile app.
  • Desktop App Installs: Encourage people to install your desktop app.
  • Desktop App Engagement: Encourage people to use your desktop app.
  • Offer Claims: Promote offers you created. You’ll need to use an offer you created on Facebook.
  • Event Responses: Promote your event.
  • Video Views: Get more people to view your video


  • Single image: Create up to 6 variations of your ad using 1 image
  • Single video: Create an ad with one video
  • Carousel: Create an ad with 2 – 10 scrollable images or videos
  • Slideshow: Create a looping video ad with up to 10 images
  • Canvas: Tell a more immersive story by combining images and videos into a full-screen, interactive experience.

Collection: Showcase up to 50 products at a time on mobile with videos and photos for an engaging shopping experience.


There After comes placements of the Ads:

  • Desktop News Feed
  • Mobile News Feed
  • Desktop Right Column
  • Instagram
  • Audience NetworWhile zeroing in on the Ad Type, the advertiser can reach out to the targeted audience via Target Ads. These Target Ads come in 6 categories-
  • Location
  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Behaviors
  • Connections
  • Custom Audiences

A Facebook Page must deliver results for the business. Which is why, Facebook has Page Insights – a tool that allows Page owners to improve the way they publish, market, and connect with their audience. The Page layout has 6 tabs:

  • Overview
  • Likes
  • Reach
  • Visits
  • Posts
  • People

Star # 2 – Instagram

Instagram has 700 million active monthly users!
As of April 2017, India had 33 million Instagram users; 85% of them are younger than 45, only 26% are female.

Instagram gives businesses a variety of tools to develop and understand how their organic and paid campaigns are performing.

Advertisers get Account Insights. This Account Insights Report helps businesses understand how the platform is growing brand awareness through Impressions, Reach and Engagement.

It also shares data about account followers and their Instagram activity

Through Ad Insights, advertisers can capture the performance of paid Instagram ad campaigns – getting access to meaningful brand analytics about each ad and Target Audience demographics.

Ad Staging helps advertisers and the Instagram internal team to house and preview ad creative.

Star #3 – LinkedIn

Up till the most recent quarter of 2017, LinkedIn has 467 million members, up from 450 million members in the in the preceding quarter!
And as of April 2017, LinkedIn’s user base in India has grown to 42 million.

LinkedIn targets members based on their profiles, and provides them with media based on ‘Job Title’, ‘Job Function’, and ‘Industry’. What’s more? LinkedIn can measure the campaign’s effectiveness on the basis of Impressions and Clicks.

Then there is Display. Advertisers can prepare their own creative or use LinkedIn’s ad types to prepare the same. The display slots include 300×250, 160×600, and text ads.

With LinkedIn Native Ads, advertisers can use social proof to engage with their targeted audience. Advertisers can do this is with:

*Spotlight Ads
*Follow Company Ads

LinkedIn has something for email marketing also, with its Sponsored In Mail tool. This lets advertisers send personalized offers directly to a person’s LinkedIn inbox.

With Sponsored Updates, advertisers can raise awareness, get top-quality leads, and engage with professionals on desktop, smartphone, and tablet.

Star #4 – Twitter

Q1 of 2017 saw 328 million Twitter Monthly Active Users Worldwide, an increase of over 9 million quarter-over-quarter! And India is forecasted to have 26.7 million Twitter users in 2017.

Twitter has 5 types of objective based campaigns:

  • Grow your community on Twitter with a Followers campaign
  • Send people to your site to purchase, sign up, etc. with a Website clicks or conversions campaign
  • Reach more people and drive conversation with a Tweet engagements campaign
  • Get more people to install or engage with your mobile app with an App install campaign
  • Collect emails from people who express interest in your business with a Leads on Twitter campaign

With Promoted Trends, advertisers can use hashtags:

  • To drive mass awareness in target markets
  • To seed conversations or make announcements
  • To build buzz for the event
  • See 73% conversation lift around a brand on the day of a trend (Twitter internal, 2013)

Star #5 – Snapchat
This photo-messaging application allows users to capture disappearing photos or videos, add overlaid text and imagery, and send them privately to friends or broadcast them as a Snapchat Story.

As on January 2017, Snapchat has 300 million+ Monthly Active Users. Digital Experts have forecasted Snapchat’s India users to be >4million.

Brands have 9 ways to advertise on Snapchat. And they are…

Snap Ads – These are skippable video ads that appear between Snapchat Stories (but not between individual Snaps within a user’s Story. While the ads have a time-limit of 10 seconds, brands can expand by including an article, app install, long-form video, and website upon swiping up

Geofilters – Geofilters are geographically-determined text and/or graphics displayed over a Snapchat video or photo. Brands can design and purchase custom On-Demand Geofilters to help promote events and generate user engagement

Lenses – Snapchat Lenses use facial recognition and augmented reality software to change the appearance of a user’s face or add fictional elements into a Snap chatter’s content. Brand sponsored lenses are becoming a popular way to engage Snapchat users.

Discover Channels – This is open to a select few publishers and media brands. Publishers curate editorial content for users to explore, thereby pushing the boundaries of Snapchat’s storytelling capabilities and format.

Live Stories – Live Stories are compilations of user-generated content from Snap chatters at events and locations around the world. Brands create ads that capitalize on the 10million – 20 million Snapchat users who view Live Stories every day

Brands also collaborate with social media influencers to advertise on Snapchat. This takes the form of…

Takeover – In a Snapchat Takeover the Company allows a Snapchat influencer to take control of the brand’s account for a set length of time.

Promotion – In Snapchat Promotions, the Snapchat user is offered a promo code, free admission to an event, a giveaway, or other things of value – in exchange for viewing and/or interacting with the brand’s Snapchat content.

Unboxing – Snapchat unboxing videos involve an influencer opening, using, and reviewing a new product for the first time, at the same time snapping the experience for the brands engaged followers.

Product Placements – Brands partner with a digital star to authentically incorporate a product or service into their Snapchat content.

Star #6 – Pinterest
There are 150 million monthly active Pinterest users!

This is the world’s largest collection of ‘favorite things’, and helps Companies create Business Accounts. It all starts with the…

Pin It Button: Businesses that add this button to the things they want to share, witness a boost in their website traffic. This also allows them to access the following   analytics:

  • What Pins and boards from the profile people love most
  • What people like to save from the website
  • Who the Pinterest audience is, including their gender, location and other interests
  • What devices people use when they’re Pinning things
  • How adding the Pin It button to the website leads to referral traffic from Pinterest

The power of Digital Marketing will thrust you and your brand in the right direction. Kick start your growth by preparing your own ad campaigns on each of these platforms, and manage and witness its effectiveness first-hand.

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