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Put Your Career In High Gear

Aug 08 2018 The DMTI

Digital Marketing Career

Dreaming of a career in digital marketing With over 90% marketers suffering a shortage of relevant digital skills and only 8% companies feeling strong in the digital arena, there has never been a better time to go fire up your career! But being industry ready means being well-versed in all things digital, and the best way to achieve this is by enrolling for a digital marketing course.

But what is behind digital marketing’s meteoric rise? Here are some facts that will help put this phenomenon in perspective.

High penetration: Affordable smartphones and low cost mobile internet plans has led to a drastic rise in Indian Internet users. The country has one of the highest levels of mobile penetration in the world, making it ripe for digital marketing.

Low investments higher returns: Digital marketing requires no additional infrastructure investment. Anyone with a functioning Internet and a laptop can do the job. The relatively higher ROI ratio as compared to a traditional marketing setup is reason enough for marketers to rejoice.
Immediate results: Only a digital marketing career can provide real-time results. No more waiting for the figures to roll in, digital marketing ensures that any changes to the campaign can be executed rapidly and with very little down time.
Higher engagement: In our “Like, Share and Subscribe” culture, it is no wonder that digital marketing sees such high engagement. In fact, some forms of digital marketing such as influencer marketing can actually influence brand loyalty and humanize the brand itself.

Now that we know why digital marketing is such a big deal, let us look at some of the skills required.
As of 2017, the most in-demand digital marketing skills were: digital advertising, content creation, content strategy, and social media. For those whose preferences veer more towards the technical rather than the creative, social and business side of the industry, there are huge opportunities career-wise and financially for SEO and SEM specialists. This is specially crucial as the job becomes more and more complex due to the rise of AI. SEM and SEO specialists are also vital to any business as they are best placed to analyze the incoming data for improved decision making.

Whether you are a budding digital marketer or someone seeking to change their career, digital marketing offers a host of opportunities and avenues to grow your career. A digital marketing course can help you strengthen your foundations and give you a clear insight into the industry. If you’re looking for digital marketing courses in Mumbai, DMTI is a good place to start.