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Popular Social Media Apps and it’s importance in today’s Era!

Apr 05 2019 admin

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As any wise social media manager may know, there is much more to social media than just Facebook and Twitter. In fact, the internet abounds with varied social media networks, some of which are hyper-focused on certain interests and niches. In fact, categorising them according to user interests and functionality can become challenging, which is why categorising them on the basis of what the users gain from them is a much more fruitful idea. Learning more about these categories and understanding the motivation of the people using them helps create better strategies and engagement techniques.

  1. Social networks: One doesn’t need to complete social media marketing courses to know that social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the supergiants of social media. With the rise of mobile internet, these social media hubs have made the experience into a social one. These social media networks offer a wealth of helpful services to businesses. From market research, brand awareness, lead generation, relationship building, customer service, the list is endless. Twitter and Facebook Messenger chatbots are redefining customer service for brands across the board.
  2. Media sharing networks: These are not the social relationship networks, but the value of apps like Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube are well known to those who have completed social media marketing courses and to those who haven’t. Though with the inclusion of live video, augmented reality and more in social networks is rapidly blurring the lines between media sharing networks and social networks, these apps are not far behind when it comes to building relationships with one’s target audience, gauge consumer perception and meet other social media marketing goals.
  3. Discussion forums: Forums like Quora and Reddit make for a great platform for a business that wishes get ahead through word of mouth. As research shows, most people these days go online to learn more about the product or service they wish to purchase and getting advice from online influencers such as those on Quora is a huge hit. As a brand manager, forums like these should help you immensely with market research and in some cases advertise too!
  4. Bookmarking and content curation networks: Want to drive brand awareness, customer engagement, and website traffic? Look towards sites and apps like Pinterest and Flipboard. Not just all that, they also help brands discover what is trending on the internet to make a better strategy for social media. Making your website Pinterest-friendly makes it easy for potential customers to bookmark them and peruse them at leisure.
  5. Blogging and publishing networks: These mediums offer businesses an exciting way to connect with their audience, build the brand and generate leads and sales. These sites like Tumblr and Medium, encourage people to discover, share, and comment on content.