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Marketing on Instagram Has Never Been This Easy!

Sep 24 2019 admin

Marketing on Instagram

When Instagram was launched in 2010 very few people that thought that the platform would amass over 1bn monthly active users, making it the second most engaged network after Facebook. So is it any surprise that businesses are fast getting on Instagram to boost their SMO techniques. In today’s highly competitive business environment brands, both big and small must realise that building an audience on Instagram has to be a priority. Wondering how to go about it? Here are some tips:

  • Boosting brand visibility: What is seen is what is bought and this adage could not be truer in this age of social media. For brands looking to increase their visibility, there is no better platform than Instagram. Creative, eye-catching content is the key to be noticed by your target audience, increase your brand mentions and create a community.
  • Better engagement: The biggest advantage of social media marketing lies in the way it can help a business engage with its audience. Even the best marketing campaigns fail when they encounter low engagement levels. Instagram really comes through for brands looking to engage with their audience, delivering 58 times more engagement than Facebook and 150 times more than Twitter.
  • Visual marketing: Humans are visual creatures and thus a stunning photograph or video is more likely to capture their attention than a written post. With photos and videos forming the bulk of internet traffic, Instagram is the perfect platform to appeal to one’s audience with the right aesthetic.
  • Stories appeal to people: If it isn’t photos and videos then it is the power of a good story. The audience on most platforms is tired of blatant advertising and is frankly overwhelmed by TV adverts and social media ads. Using Instagram to tell your story is a great way to add value to your message and stand out from the competition. Stories that reach out one’s audience without being overtly promotional are more likely to be noticed and shared.

Is Instagram marketing the right for my brand?

If your brand is on the lookout for a customer-rich platform that helps you engage on another level with your audience then Instagram is definitely the place where your brand should be. However, a point to be noted here is that one must have a strong yet flexible Instagram strategy in place before one starts the process of reaching out to one’s audience through the platform. Not having one in place can make the outreach aimless and without a consistent voice which in turn can do more harm than help. So whether it is identifying the filters, themes, and objectives of your posts, all must be done beforehand and before you hit that upload button. A consistent theme, tone of voice and schedule is a must to create the best Instagram experience for one’s followers.