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Long-form Content Is Still Alive And Thriving – Thanks To the Right SEO!

Sep 28 2019 admin

content marketing

240 characters, 30-second videos, it seems like short-form content is the order of the day. Why would someone spend their time reading a 500-word article when they can read a short piece and get the same information is the argument. After all, short-form content can provide concise information, people don’t have to spend valuable minutes reading it and most importantly, they have significantly shorter attention spans. So does this mean that long-form content is on the deathbed? Not true. Long-form content marketing is indeed thriving and frankly, the internet is too big a space for both forms to not coexist together. In fact, many brands are realising that long-form content is not only great for the user, but it is also amazing for SEO too. So what makes long-form content so special?

It helps establish a brand’s personality: Longer pieces are like an expression of one’s personality. Same goes for brands. Engaging and unique content not only help customers through every stage of the purchase journey but also really help state what the brand is and what it stands for.

Provides better information: What would you trust? A series of 240 character tweets or a 500-word essay? Long-form allows the brand to truly add value to the customer’s life by helping provide in-depth detail.

Longer content = better SEO: We all are aware that Google’s algorithms are a complete mystery to all except those who create it, no one can really predict what will work and what won’t. However, studies show that 10th position pages have 400 words less than first position pages. Research also suggests that when users are searching for a topic, they would rather have an in-depth content than a short-form one. Utilising long-form content as a part of one’s SEO content optimization also gives the brand the ability to backlink. When done from a reliable site, backlinks not only boost traffic but also establishes the site as an authority figure and thus helps it rise in the search rankings. The better the content, the more likely it is to be shared, linked to and commented on by the audience. All this culminates in the brand building a reputation as a reliable producer of high-quality content.

Long-form content is a long-term game. A brand’s SEO content plan needs to think ahead and not rest on its laurels. Simply putting out one piece of informative, long-form content is not going to change things overnight. Brands need to be aware of this. They need to create a long-term strategy with regard to their long-form SEO content and make changes as the market evolves. In the end, the brand with the more engaging, useful and shareable content will win the lion’s share of the market.