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Know Your 2019 Digital Trends!

Jan 11 2019 admin

digital marketing trends

In this tech-driven world, technology is our constant companion. We wake up to social media notifications and end it with reading online articles. Which is why it is critical for businesses to have a strong digital marketing strategy in place. Want to up your digital marketing game in the new year? Here are some trends that are set to conquer the digital marketing world.

  1. Content is still king

Content continues to rule the roost with people preferring engaging and informative content over direct advertisements. As the use of ad blockers continues to rise, brands will increasingly find it better to rely on good quality content instead of spending on advertisements. Brands that develop content that aligns with their goals and user requirements are set to win this year!

  1. Voice search

Studies show that by 2020, 30% of web browsing will be done without touching the screen. We can already see this trend on the rise with the proliferation of Amazon Echos and Google Homes and voice search will soon be the norm for all. Wise digital marketers are all set to make the most of this trend which will only reap benefits.

  1. Video marketing

Research states that 80% of online content is going to be in video format. All this is fuelled by the mammoth rise of cheap smartphones and data plans. This makes video marketing a market ripe for plucking. Videos that entertain viewers while getting the brand’s message across are all set to accelerate growth and sales.

  1. AI-powered solutions

If you think Artificial Intelligence is still a part of the future, then think again. AI is already here to stay. In fact, studies say that AI use has doubled from 38% in 2016 to 61% in 2017 and is still going strong. Predictive Analysis, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing are taking over digital marketing to offer users a personalised experience that continuously learns from user choices. Think of all the personalised choices and thumbnails that Netflix offers you can gain an idea of what we’re talking about.

  1. Chatbots and automated marketing

IBM predicts that chatbots are set to power up to 85% of all customer service interactions. This opens up a huge avenue for digital marketers who wish to get their message across to their customers at the right time. Chatbots are already helping marketers the trouble of answering frequently asked questions again and again while providing customers with a hyper personalised experience.

  1. Programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising is the process that utilises automated technology to purchase and sell online advertisement. While this technology is already in use, it is set to see a rapid evolution in 2019, going from just online ads to TV and streaming, voice and more! This technology will make digital marketing an omnichannel experience where the audience is targeted across their digital media consumption habits.