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Know the 5 best Digital Marketing Campaign of 2018

Feb 19 2019 admin

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As the new year begins, let us take a look at the top five digital marketing campaigns of 2019 to prepare ourselves for the amazing content that is bound to be headed our way.

Oddly Ikea: Autonomous sensory meridian response or ASMR videos are hugely popular right now with many people turning to them for relaxation and meditation or even help sleeping. The tingly sensation that one experiences on hearing certain sounds are driving up YouTube views with one video receiving over 550 million views. Ikea took note of this trend and created a 25-minute video of a woman describing Ikea dorm room solutions in a soothing whispery voice while making beds. Named Oddly Ikea, the video is the perfect blend of staying on trend and promotional, practical content that the user will love.

Spotify: The online music streaming portal takes hard data and converts it into humorous and insightful campaigns. The site’s Wrapped feature uses data to give users a chance to rediscover music that they enjoyed through the year. In addition, Spotify also offered its users an opportunity to be featured on iconic billboards such as London’s Piccadilly Circus, Times Square and more. The campaign is a digital media marketing masterclass in connecting with the audience and gaining new followers.

LinkedIn: One of the most surprising entries this year was by LinkedIn which shifted focus from what the site offered its users to what the users gained from the site. The campaign named, “What are you in it for?” asked members what pushed them to succeed in their professional life. The responses were collated into a video that featured professionals from a wide variety of fields. This campaign is a smart use of user-generated content that both includes the audience and builds credibility.

Samsung Bixby: The Korean giant employed a unique digital media marketing campaign this year to promote its voice assistant. Inspired by a real-life story, the campaign focuses on the story of a daughter struggling to preserve her mother’s voice as she has Motor Neuron Disease. The ad showcases how the brand is developing the first realistic personalised AI voice assistant for the mother so her voice can be preserved.

National Geographic: This ad campaign takes user-generated content to the next level. The magazine, known for its stunning visuals and iconic photographs runs a separate Insta account for its photo community where its followers can share and submit their own photos, like and comment on other’s work and even get to go on assignments with the Nat Geo team. The “Your Shot” campaign also has the editors showcasing 12 of their favourite images of the week on their social media channels.