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Is The Age of Facebook Over?

Aug 11 2019 admin

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Media, both traditional and social is ablaze with the new, Facebook is dying. The titan of social media platforms has been battling declining user interest, users leaving in droves, privacy scandals and hate speech. The hashtag #deletefacebook is trending and younger audiences are finding far more engagement and community on other social platforms. Putting all of this in perspective, it isn’t surprising that marketers are also iffy about the site.

The main issue most marketers experience with Facebook is that the new algorithms do not favour the Facebook marketing strategy of small businesses. The platform requires significant financial investment to maintain the right amount of engagement levels to be relevant. This does not affect bigger brands as they can easily afford the high financial input required. While on the other hand, users are being bombarded with irrelevant content and ads.

When it comes to one’s target audience, Facebook is struggling to attract and maintain their younger audience base. With multiple family members being present on the platform, the site becomes restrictive for teenagers who may not want to advertise their social lives or express their freedom of speech. Therefore, brands targeting a more youthful audience through their may need to find other platforms to reach out to them.

The biggest issue with Facebook at the moment is not the lack of a youthful audience or the constant bombardment of ads, but the privacy breaches. The biggest one occurred last year when it was revealed that over 50 million user profiles were sold to Cambridge Analytica, making it the biggest data breach in history.

With all these hurdles, should the average marketer still invest in Facebook advertising? The answer to this question is that, if your content is engaging (high-quality video and photo content, live streaming etc.) then you don’t have to worry. Visual posts with high-res images more likely to make an impact than text-heavy posts. Conducting frequent audience reports can also go a long way in Facebook optimization and helping one figure out the changing needs of the audience and thus help create better content for them. It will also help one figure out which content is working better and why. Offering the audience a unique experience that cannot be duplicated on other platforms is the key to success.

So is the age of Facebook really over? Not really. It is hard to knock over the most popular social media platform of the world, but it is experiencing a downturn of sorts thanks to various factors. The key thing to do at the moment is to weather the storm. With a little intelligent decision making, social media optimization and clever content marketing, there is no reason why your Facebook campaigns are not as good as those on other platforms.