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How Your Content Marketing Can Boost Website Traffic

Aug 03 2019 admin

Increasing website traffic through great content

Content without value-add is just a collection of words. If a brand’s content strategy is not delivering value then there is a need for the brand to do a serious rethink about their offering.  A brand needs to utilise its content in an effective manner to see their desired results. Every piece of content needs to have an objective behind it, whether it be lead conversion or generating brand awareness. So how does content marketing go about increasing a brand’s website traffic?

A good content strategy exists a process within a brands existing digital marketing strategy that is focussed on and adds to the brand’s marketing goals. The content needs to act as key performance indicators (KPIs) when analysing the overall marketing efforts.

Social media strategy: This is one of the easiest and best ways to increase website traffic as it relies on one of the biggest marketing tactics, word of mouth. One needs to up their social media game and figure out whether or not the content is working. As this taps into people’s natural desire to build connections and converse with each other, conversations with the brand help to humanise it, make it more relatable and ultimately praise-worthy.

Search engine optimisation (SEO): Good quality SEO doesn’t just rely on an adept use of keywords but also a strong content strategy. If the content on the website is not optimal, people won’t visit it and thus the ranking will go down and the overall strategy will be of no use. Relevant, consistent content is the only way to keep one’s SEO efforts valid and working. When it comes to SEO, the content should ideally guide the audience through the entire sales cycle, right from searching for the right product to finally buying it and post-purchase too.

Pay-per-click (PPC): Targeting one’s content to a certain audience requires PPC. It ensures that one’s content reaches the right people at the right moment. One of the most preferred content marketing techniques, PPC is both affordable and easy to implement. The best part about PPC is that the business only pays for the clicks i.e., only if the user has interacted with the ad. Here too, content plays a huge role as bland and uninteresting content is not going to inspire clicks and thus not draw the audience to the website. And again, if the content the PPC ad is drawing the user to is of no use, then the business has just indulged in a waste of money in the long-run.

Driving traffic to one’s website is not the only job of content marketing, it goes a long way in building one’s brand image, creating a community and nurturing customers, therefore content for content’s sake should be the last thing on a brand’s mind.