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How To Be A Digital Marketing Superstar

Aug 08 2018 The DMTI

Digital Marketing Superstar

From smartphones to social media, our lives in the 21st century is ruled by all things digital, so it is no surprise that digital media marketing is growing with such leaps and bounds. The transition has not been too easy though, India still lacks highly skilled and efficient professionals in the digital marketing industry, one of the few industries in the country where demand outstrips supply. The time is ripe for young professionals and freshers looking to create a digital marketing career. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few key skills one needs to transform oneself into a digital marketing superstar.

Love the numbers: Data is the base on which digital marketing decisions are made, which makes it the number 1 skill to master on your way to becoming a digital marketing master. Data interpretation helps digital marketers optimise SEO posts, manage campaigns and customise communications.

Get creative: Like any marketer, a digital marketing manager also needs to be creative. Unlike a traditional media environment where the same advertisement can be run for weeks, if not months on end, the short attention spans on digital media require more content. More content about the same set of products and services requires creativity and the capability to see what others are not able to.

The “write” skill: The ability to write, whether it be witty status updates, email campaigns, website or SEO content is one of the major skills required from those looking to pursue a digital marketing career. Not just writing, but adapting one’s tone to the client’s requirements is also something that digital marketers need to learn.

Talk the talk: Marketing is about communicating. One needs to not only communicate with the client but also with the audience. Ensuring that the audience gets the message you wish to send across and your clients understand your vision for their brand requires considerable communication skills. So brush up your communication skills if you’re a budding digital marketer.

A digital marketing career has a huge scope in the Indian market. Polishing and perfecting your skills is the best way to put your career on the path to success in this incredibly growing market.