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How Digital Marketing Affects Entrepreneurship

Aug 27 2018 The DMTI

Learn Digital Marketing

Starting one’s own start-up means dealing with a million things that need one’s attention. Everything right from managing the product, logistics, payments to marketing requires direct supervision and decision making. In this situation, many entrepreneurs tend to ignore marketing as it seems to be an expensive liability. But this could not be farther from the truth. In this day and age, entrepreneurs can take the aid of digital marketing to reach out to their audience at an affordable rate. That’s not all, digital marketing done right can also be a huge boon for entrepreneurs as they can gather valuable consumer insights to grow and accelerate their business. Here are a few reasons why entrepreneurs should learn digital marketing and make it a part of their marketing mix.

1. Affordable: SEO is a virtually free tool that entrepreneurs can use to have the page rank of their website increased to desirable levels. Besides this, other avenues of digital marketing are not only affordable but also offer an increased ROI and better audience targeting.
2. Easy results tracking: The best part about digital marketing is that the results are almost instantaneous and the data is easily available. This makes it easy for entrepreneurs to figure out how their marketing campaigns have performed and take steps to improve it in real-time.
3. Improved customer service: Digital marketing is revolutionising customer service. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are just some of the platforms entrepreneurs can use to answer customer queries and solve their problems. Digital marketing also makes it for entrepreneurs to upload how-to videos, unboxing etc to further improve their customer’s experience.
4. Increased brand loyalty: Interacting with customers directly humanises the company and results in increased brand loyalty. Entrepreneurs can also cultivate brand evangelists and influencers on social media to further their outreach.
5. Ease of decision making: One of the main reasons why entrepreneurs should learn digital marketing, is because it will help them make better digital marketing decisions and strategies without the help of agencies who may not fit in the growing organisation’s budget.
6. Gain the competitive edge: Digital marketing levels the playing field for both SMEs and big multinationals due to its inherently affordable nature. This means that entrepreneurs can directly reach to their customers without a big budget. Niche brands can directly reach out to their customers without expensive broadcast media.
7. Better website designs: When entrepreneurs learn digital marketing they also learn about important concepts such as SEO which can drastically improve their website and website ranking. This helps them better collaborate with their website designer and create a website which is relevant, engaging and ranks high on SERPs. As a result, entrepreneurs can enjoy lifelong results without any significant financial outflow