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Here’s How to Evolve With Your Consumers – Not After Them

Oct 02 2019 admin

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Those who do not evolve are left behind. This adage is true for both the natural world and in the world of marketing. Consumer tastes and requirements are forever changing and those who do not adapt are left behind in the race. Nowhere is this need for evolution more prominent than in the world of SEO. As SEO algorithms keep changing every so often, those who do not evolve their game to match with it are surely going to be left behind. This makes keeping an eye on algorithm shifts extremely crucial for SEO optimization experts. So what factors are driving these changes? Let’s take a look.

  • Content is and always will be, king: At no other time in SEO history has content been so important. Content marketing is the only thing one can rely on to get ahead in the game. After all, there must be a reason why 91% of B2B and 86% of B2C marketers swear by content marketing. In fact, 90% of consumers find content useful and research says that businesses that have an active blog are 63% more likely to get leads. Good content is more likely to attract consumer attention, making it even more visible to the algorithm. Who doesn’t like content that helps them find solutions to their queries? So invest in backlinks, guest posts and longtailed SEO keywords. They are the future.
  • Social media marketing and SEO strategy are not the same: Getting more mentions on Twitter is not going to make your business rank higher on SERPs so it is wise to not get them mixed up. But at the same time making your content social is vital for your SEO efforts. This is because of the fact that SEO algorithms are also about people sharing interacting, sharing and engaging with one another.
  • The style of search is changing: SEO experts no longer rely on single or even two-word keywords. This is because of the vast amount of results that these keywords produce that can end up making the brand get lost in the clutter. Long-tailed keywords are more in use now with keywords using upto an entire phrase or in some cases, sentences. Latent semantic indexing or getting the result you want even without searching for the right keyword is yet another evolution of SEO.
  • Rise of mobile search: Did you know that more people today own a smartphone than they own toothbrushes? And apart from playing games, checking emails and our social media pages, what do we do on our phones? That’s right, search. From nearby restaurants to the latest score, everything you need to search for is just a query away.

The field of search optimization techniques is forever evolving. What works today will soon not work tomorrow. Marketers need to understand this and evolve to get ahead.