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Generate High-Quality Leads that Convert – Within a Limited Budget!

May 13 2019 admin

Generating high-quality leads at a low cost is a dilemma faced by business owners across the board. They are either stuck paying for low-cost ads that do not convert or invest in high-cost ads for better conversion. While there is no magic formula to have your cake and eat it too, there are a few things you can do to reduce your leads cost while increasing conversion and planning your leads is the place to start.

Lead planning: Last moment campaigns end up costing a business quite a pretty penny which is why planning is paramount. The two main things to consider are the cost of the leads and their quality. Low-cost leads are all well and good but are of no use if they do not convert. The two ways to generate these leads are by paid search advertising and organic content marketing. While the latter takes more time, it is in essence free, while the former requires less time but is more expensive. The best way to go about it is to invest in a hybrid scheme of lead generation that utilises both methods. While you can begin with a 50-50 split, the idea is to invest more in organic content marketing over paid search optimisation in the long term as it brings more leads over time.

Invest in social media optimisation: Facebook ads are a lost cost option for reaching out to one’s customers and are a good place to start. However, they are not scalable. The ideal Facebook ad campaign is a long term loss cost one that generates leads over time. One major benefit of Facebook ads is that it works amazingly well for brand recall and offers the ability to target the audience on a very minute level.

Investing in content marketing: This is the slow but steady option. The long term costs are low but the conversion rate will be higher as the people will actually be searching for your product instead of being advertised. The users searching for these keywords are already interested in your products or services, thus converting them is going to be much easier. Use good long tail keywords to create content and using search engine marketing using the same keywords is going to reap much higher rewards.

Achieving a high conversion ratio: Having a lead magnet on your site can work wonders for getting high conversion rates. One needs to offer the customer a painless way to achieve their goals by using your brand. The content that you offer should be novel and intriguing and should offer a simple solution to their problems. Building a community of liked minded individuals is also a fantastic way to get your visitors involved and convert leads.