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Fresh Graduate? Here’s Why Your Next Career Move Should Be In Digital Marketing

Apr 03 2019 admin

digital marketing course

“So, what next?” Every graduate has faced this question some time or the other in their final year of graduation, be the engineering, BBA, BCA, BA or from any other stream. While most opt for higher studies in their own stream or take the traditional route of MBA, there is in fact, another avenue open to them which is a digital marketing course.

Why Digital Marketing?

Higher digital awareness and usage

For starters, India is a young nation that is rapidly taking to internet technology, in fact, we have already surpassed the USA in 2015 in terms of active smartphone users and have now the second largest base in the world. That’s not all, our e-Commerce revenue is wit-nessing the highest growth rates in the world with figures expected to touch $120 billion in 2020. Thus, we can see that the market is flourishing and is in need of talent. Moving on from digital penetration, almost all businesses these days are aware of and are rapidly adding digital marketing to their mix.

No technical knowledge required

Digital marketing is stream-agnostic. Like an MBA does not require any prior technical knowledge. Students from any stream and background can join a course and learn from the best. So whether you are an engineer looking for a stream change or an arts graduate who wishes to unleash their creativity, the stage is all yours.

Faster job market entry

To get an MBA, one needs to invest at least a year for preparation, exams, interviews and starting of classes along with the additional 2 years of schooling. Even after all this, there is no surety of getting into the right institute. Working while studying is not an option as part-time or executive courses from reputed institutes require work experience to be eligi-ble. With a digital marketing course, you do not need to appear for any exams, no group discussions, no waste of time. You can apply, get through and start learning. You can choose to work while you study with a part-time course which does not have work experi-ence requirements. This makes your entry into the job market faster than that of your peers.

Better career options

Whether you wish to work for an agency or take up something of your own, digital market-ing offers you the freedom to shape your career as you please. Unlike setting up a tradi-tional business as one would do post an MBA, establishing a digital marketing business requires virtually no expenditure. All you need is a laptop and a sound internet connection.

The rise f digital marketing has made a career in the industry not only viable but lucrative as well. For those who wish to tread a different route from that of a traditional MBA, it of-fers a great career option for success.