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Email Marketing is Still Alive and Working. Here’s Why.

Aug 23 2019 admin

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Email is used by more than 34% people or 2.5 billion globally and that is predicted to increase to 2.8 billion by 2020. In fact, studies show that about 196 billion emails are sent out daily worldwide. As we can see, email is a powerful thing. In fact, think of your own experiences, do you know anyone who does not have an email id? This sheer volume is what makes email marketing such an important part of any marketing mix. Email can be used to send out personalised messages to one’s current and potential customers to communicate about company changes, awards, receive feedback and much much more. For businesses who think that email marketing is dead and dusted, here are five reasons why they may be wrong.

Better at acquiring customers than social media: Social media is a wonderful way to engage with one’s audience base and strengthen relationships, however, when it comes to conversions, email marketing is the one to bet on. According to research, customer acquisition via email marketing had quadrupled in the four years preceding 2013. Another study in 2016 stated that 80-81% of respondents agreed that email marketing was key to customer conversion.

Highly cost-effective: Email marketing is one of the more affordable forms of digital marketing which makes it an exceptionally good choice for small businesses. The average ROI for email marketing has been the highest among all other channels for the past 10 years. This, coupled with the added benefit of higher response rates makes the money spent on email marketing well worth it.

Customisable messages: Everyone likes to feel special, especially your target audience. Unlike using SMO techniques where every message is broadcast to your entire audience, one can send out personalised and customised messages to one’s audience and address them by name. This targeted personalisation is shown to increase customer engagement markedly.

Provides measurable results: Need instant feedback on your email marketing strategy? You got it. With email marketing, there is no guesswork. Every metric is easily available at one’s fingertips, including, but not restricted to, who opened the email, whether and which links were clicked and most importantly, who unsubscribed and why. This lends a quick turnaround time for changes to one’s strategy while also making it easier.

Smartphones make connecting via email even easier: People check their emails all the time. At the cafe, in a line, at work, while commuting, you get the picture. And as a wise marketer should be where their customers are, this makes email marketing even more important. Think they are just checking their social media feed? Nope, 91% of people check their emails on their smartphone as compared to 75% who check their social media on their smartphone. So which strategy makes more sense?

Far from dying out, email marketing is a thriving cost-effective and ultimately, extremely useful marketing strategy.