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Content is King – Not Just Another Saying! Work With Content The Right Way

Jun 20 2019 admin

content marketing strategy

With the rise of digital marketing has come the rise of content in marketing. The growth of content marketing over the past few years has been nothing short of explosive with surveys showing almost 75% of businesses increasing their content marketing budget. One of the main reasons behind this meteoric growth is the fact that content marketing is not only entertaining and engaging, it also instils a sense of confidence and trust in the brand. Content that informs, offers solutions to consumer issues and more importantly, entertains, rewards the marketer with not only more leads and revenues but also intangible benefits like:

  • Increased traffic and SEO: That content marketing is an integral part of SEO is no secret. Content marketing builds organic visibility both directly and indirectly that SEO is known for. Creating a website with useful information and SEO makes your brand a destination for your audience which then leads to further conversions.
  • Demonstrates credibility: Showcasing one’s expertise through content marketing goes a long way in increasing the credibility for one’s company while establishing your brand as an expert in your industry or vertical. The use of a clever content strategy that utilises testimonials and reviews are also a great way to get your message across. Content marketing not only demonstrates your credibility to your consumers, but it also demonstrates your credibility to search engine sites like Google. Modern ranking algorithms not only factor in keywords, but they also factor in the demonstration of Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness when assessing web pages. All the more reason to up your content game.
  • Educates your audience: Another side effect of establishing one’s expertise online is the opportunity to educate your potential customers at different buying stages. This is vital as unlike yesteryears, one’s customers no longer simply walk in through the door and expect the salespeople to educate them, they do their research online before they even step in through the door. If a potential customer needs certain information from your company and does not get it online then they are likely to go to a competitor who can give them what they need.
  • Gain fodder for other channels: To gain an engaged community of followers one needs good content. After all, no one wants to follow a boring and uninteresting account! Therefore, to hook and reel your consumers in you need a strong content marketing plan. Entertaining content also garners likes and shares, thus generating more exposure for your brand.

As the content marketing industry continues its meteoric rise, marketers need to curb their instinct to value quantity over quality. The goal for any canny marketer should be developing high quality, comprehensive and truly useful or engaging content. This is the only way to rise above the noise and get noticed.