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Boost your career in Digital Marketing with DMTI

Sep 01 2018 admin

With digital marketing on the rise, many companies in India and abroad are investing in a digital marketing team. However, a shortage of skilled professionals plagues the industry with over 90% marketers suffering a shortage of relevant digital skills and only 8% companies feeling strong in the digital arena. This makes it perfect for anyone who is keen on pursuing a digital marketing career, and as being industry ready means being well-versed in all things digital, the best way to go about it is by enrolling for a digital marketing course. While there are quite a few digital marketing courses available, the leading institute is undoubtedly the Digital Marketing Training Institute or DMTI. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why DMTI is the ideal choice for anyone seeking a career in digital marketing.

For the industry by the industry: The DMTI was set up by a consortium of seasoned digital marketers and professionals who realised the value of trained digital marketing professionals early on. Each topic is taught by an industry specialist and all faculty members are senior digital marketing professionals. This means all the learning provided is industry-specific and highly relevant to the current trends. DMTI’s direct partnership with industry-leaders is what sets it apart from other digital marketing courses.

Commitment to quality: DMTI’s curriculum has been put together by top industry professionals that ensures that students enjoy a quality learning experience that is relevant and current.

A wide range of programs: Whether you are a student seeking to pursue a digital marketing career or a full-time professional who wants to update their digital marketing skills, DMTI offers programs to meet all needs. Program lengths range from a full-time 6-month program to weekend and online programs. DMTI also provides corporate training to help marketing professionals understand digital marketing and how it can affect their bottomline. The training also helps these organisations set-up a digital marketing team or develop digital marketing strategies to gain the competitive edge. Whatever your learning need is, you can fulfil it at DMTI.