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B2B Marketers Have To Read These LinkedIn Statistics!

Sep 05 2019 admin

social media strategy for Linkedin

Unlike other social media platforms that are designed for sharing one’s life stories, LinkedIn is dedicated to only professional networking. In fact, so huge is the impact of LinkedIn on its users that many employers first look at an employee’s LinkedIn profile before making the decision to hire them. But what does all this mean for a marketer looking for social media optimization? While it is not the best place to go for B2C marketing, it is, however, THE social network for B2B marketers. Don’t think it is that effective? Here are some statistics to help change your mind.

Let’s begin with the demographics. As per LinkedIn, the site boasts of over 500 million members, 61 million senior-level influencers, and 40 million decision-makers as its users. These are not just your everyday users, but the influential, high-level executives who are the target audience for B2B marketers. By default, these users are educated and earn high incomes, higher than the users on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. LinkedIn, in fact, makes up for 550% of all social traffic to B2B websites and blogs. If that is not all, the formal businesslike nature of the site makes it the most used social media platform amongst Fortune 500 companies. As they say, be where your audience is.

Now let us look at how successful B2B marketers are on LinkedIn. Studies show that LinkedIn is used for content marketing purposes by 97% of B2B marketers and 78% agree that it is an effective platform for content marketing. The fact that C-level executives regularly visit LinkedIn also makes it a great strategy building tool for B2B marketers.

LinkedIn strategy for B2B marketers does not only consist of networking but also content sharing. Boasting of 9 billion content impressions per week of which 45% are higher or C-level executives, content on LinkedIn is more likely than not to reach the target audience. Content here does not mean only short content, long-form content is well and thriving on LinkedIn.

All this is good, you might say, but how effective is it at lead generation? The answer: 227% better than Facebook and Twitter. 43% of marketers have actually found their customer on LinkedIn and 59% state that the site generates leads for them. The reasons for these astonishing statistics are simple. The audience on LinkedIn is more likely to be a high-level decision maker, 91% of whom state LinkedIn as their choice for professionally relevant content. That’s not all, your client is also more likely to look you up on LinkedIn with 49% buyers using LinkedIn as a research tool into prospective vendors and 44% actually finding vendors through LinkedIn.

Looking at all these statistics, it may be safe to conclude that LinkedIn is a must-have platform for a B2B social media strategy. Done properly, LinkedIn can prove to be a huge boon for any B2B marketer.