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A New-Age of Storytelling Through Social Media

Jun 20 2019 admin

storytelling through social media

Hardly anyone in this world is immune to the power of stories. They have the power to entertain, reach out to our innermost feelings and bring about change. As a result, storytelling can be quite a powerful tool in the hands of content creators. The right story can not only elicit powerful emotions and responses but can also go viral and impact your brand in unimaginable ways.

When it comes to stories, most people ask what makes it so important for a brand’s social media strategy? There are several reasons for it, the first and foremost of them being that stories are interesting and have the power to draw people in. We grow up listening to stories and this love and curiosity for a good story reside in everyone. Another thing stories inspire is trust. We are more likely to trust someone who shares personal stories with us. Sharing stories, especially about ourselves is a mark of intimacy and vulnerability which in turn inspires trust and makes us relate with the subject. And lastly, let’s face it, what would you rather read or listen to? Boring statistics and facts or an engaging story?

That being said, the goal of a social media manager who is planning to go down the storytelling route should not just be to increase conversions, the overall goal should instead focus on building relationships, have conversations and engage with one’s audience. Therefore, the right social media training is a must.

So what makes for good storytelling? There are quite a few factors actually. Firstly, your story should be personalised. To ensure the right SMO optimization, make your story one that resonates with your audience. The story should reflect the same problems and worries of your target audience. The story should also evoke an emotional reaction from your target audience while offering a solution to their problems. Telling the story behind your brand is also a wonderful idea as it makes your brand relatable and human. Use visual aids like illustrations, GIFs, videos or even memes to get your story across instead of just long walls of texts. To learn how to do so, one can gain insight from social media marketing courses.

A story is one of the easiest ways to add warmth and humanity to your product message. It makes the marketer a better seller who focuses on how their product or service can solve their audience’s problems instead of their bottom line. The biggest selling point for using storytelling as a social media marketing technique is that it immediately sets one apart from one’s competitors. Want to learn more about how storytelling can benefit your content marketing? Sign up for social media courses in Mumbai like the ones provided by DMTI and get ready to take your brand to new heights!