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4 ways to improve your content efforts in 2017

Jan 16 2017 admin

Content is the king on digital plaforms

Content is digital marketing’s driving force. Creating useful, actionable free content, which appeals to your audience, is the best way to gain a following online. From social posts to blogs and articles, your content will be how your audience will judge your brand. So, we’ve listed 4 tips, which can help improve your content output in the coming year.

1. Target your audience

Regardless of the type of content you choose to put out, it must always be focused to cater to your target audience. With a very specific audience in mind, you will be able to create better content and will receive increased engagement.

Now that you have your audience in mind, it’s important to appeal to them effectively. Your content should always add value to your target audience. Support your claims with evidence and make sure that the content you create meets the core desires or needs of the people you target. Your content should also be actionable, giving your audience advice or tips which they can utilize to achieve their goals. Not only does this make your content valuable, it shows you possess authority and expertise in your field.

2. Turn heads with your headlines

Your post could be the best piece of information on the Internet but it amounts to nothing if no one reads it. In this day and age, time and attention spans are both at a premium. When thinking of a headline, imagine how you hunt for information. Your headlines need to grab your audience’s attention enough to make them stop scrolling and click the post. Make sure your headline identifies your audience and makes it clear what they would gain by reading your post.

3. Create conversations

The important aspect to understand about digital marketing is you need to keep engaging with your audience. Posting good content sets the stage for real-time conversations with those reading your posts. When your audience starts to engage with your content in a positive manner it is your turn to respond. You can provide them with more content, better tools, more resources and new ideas, making sure that every piece of content keeps them coming back for more.

4. Include a CTA

It is imperative to create an appealing CTA for every piece of content you create. Doing so will help facilitate turning a passing reader into an active consumer. Your “ask”, however, should be proportionate to the information and value your content gives to the consumer. Trust plays a big role in this area as the more your content has helped someone, the bigger your “ask” can be.

How frequent you post is directly dependent on the quality of your content. Consumers will only wait when they know you are going to make it worth their while. It’s important to realize that your content is more than just a post; it’s your gateway to furthering your business/brand. In this day and age, good content has a much higher chance of transforming a potential consumer to an active participant than blatant, in-your-face advertisements. But, it has to be real, personal and, most of all, of value to your audience.