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The DMTI™ can be your partner in helping you learn Digital Marketing setting you apart from your peers. We provide a range of programs ranging from a one year full-time program to a 16 hour foundation course. You can click on the various programs listed below, or alternatively call us so that our counsellors can help you pick the right program suited for your needs. All our programs are taught by senior practising digital marketing professionals so you can rest assured you are in best hands and can focus your energy on learning.

One of the benefits of digital marketing is the fact that one can enter the industry through a multitude of courses and from diverse backgrounds. From one-year post-graduate courses to weekend or part-time courses and even certification courses, there are a plethora of choices in digital marketing training available to those who wish to pursue this exciting marketing stream.

Digital marketing itself consists of various types, so choosing the right course to learn digital marketing should also take into account what one wants to specialise in. The most popular types of digital marketing courses are Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Influencer Marketing among others. Each focuses on a certain aspect of the entire digital marketing spectrum and each is important in its own right. Choosing the type to specialise in depends on one’s needs and expectations from the course.

Full Time Program


Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing

The PGPDM (Post Graduate Program in Digital Media Marketing) is an intensive full-time digital marketing course that guarantees a job at the end of the program.

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The Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing (PGPDM) is a one-year, full-time program that focuses on the strategic and practical aspects of Digital Marketing. Exclusively developed by practicing Digital Marketing professionals, this program is particularly suitable for those who are interested in a career in marketing or digital media. The program is also suitable for marketers who wish to develop a deeper understanding of the tools and techniques of Digital Marketing and communications. The program faculty, trainers, advisors and mentors are all experienced practitioners in Digital Marketing.

They are all working at the cutting edge of developments in this rapidly advancing ¬era. Through this program, they will share with you the very best practices and latest innovations in Digital Marketing. Emphasis throughout the course is on providing you with an engaging & practical learning experience.

Learning Objectives & Outcomes

The Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing will enable you to:

  • Develop an advanced knowledge of the concepts and theories that underpin Digital Marketing approaches, and their relationship to conventional marketing.
  • Develop a deep understanding of the factors that drive consumer behavior in the digital economy.
  • Develop advanced skills in the practices that relate to digital and data-driven marketing, including critical analysis and evaluation.
  • Plan and manage Digital Marketing strategies for your organization and target audiences, taking full account of budgetary and other constraints.
  • Gain a signi¬ficant advantage in the domestic and international marketplace.
  • Increase your capacity to test and measure various marketing channels evaluating ROI for your business.

Program Structure

The 1-year program comprises of 4 trimesters – each lasting three months. The first half of the program is built around 22 core courses providing you with an in-depth understanding of all aspects of Digital Marketing. The second half of the program consists of a paid internship, a capstone project & final placement.

The students also participate in the “Career Transformation Program” throughout the year. The CTP has been designed for personal development of the participants and focus on the soft skills of the individual.

Weekend Programs


Advanced Program in Digital Media Marketing

The Advanced Program in Digital Media Marketing (APDMM) is a 7 months program that will immerse you into all aspects of Digital Marketing.

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The marketing industry has undergone a gradual transformation from traditional media marketing to marketing through digital channels. Companies have realized the importance of using digital platforms to effectively connect with their customers and have started including Digital Media in their marketing mix. Also, the demand for expertise in the field of digital marketing is on the rise and digital marketing experts are invaluable asset to any organization today.

The Advanced Program in Digital Media Marketing (APDMM) is a 7 months program that will immerse you into all aspects of Digital Marketing. The program is divided into 21 modules. Each module is taught by digital marketing professionals and is detailed enough to make you an expert in that aspect of digital marketing. At the end of the program you will understand digital marketing from a customer, brand, agency as well as publisher perspective. This is a one of a kind program that has been put together by the top brains of the digital industry as well as academia. The program is extremely hands-on, case studies & project work driven and is only suitable for those who are serious about learning.

Short Term Program

Certificate Program in Digital Media Marketing

This intensive module has been designed to give those new to digital, a complete overview of all the core digital marketing channels.


Advanced Program in Social Advertising

This program is designed for those who are interested in understanding the finer nuances of Social Media Marketing or wish to make a career in the same.

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Certificate Program in Search Engine Marketing

It is a practical, hands-on program that will equip you to run an SEM campaign from start to finish.


Certificate Program in Search Engine Optimization

This module will show you how to build high-performance websites and use advanced SEO solutions that will boost your natural search rankings and increase site visits.


Certificate Program in Programmatic Buying & Planning

This Program is a hands-on program that uses a Programmatic Buying Simulator allowing participants to actually create a media plan & implement it end-to-end.

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20 hours, Weekdays & Weekends

Corporate Training

Customized Training Program

This intensive module has been designed to give those new to digital, a complete overview of all the core digital marketing channels.

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Marketing managers agree that online presence is important and that digital tools provide their companies with major opportunities. But the real question is; are they taking the steps required to benefit from online sales? Are they engaging their customers through new technologies such as social media? At what level are the customers engaged? What metrics are they using to assess their performance online?

The truth is that most companies are still trying to figure out how digital media can meaningfully improve their bottom lines. In an environment where everyone seems to be going digital, the most pressing competitive challenge for a marketing manager is to go beyond scratching the surface of the what’s possible in the digital world. Today’s customer has abundant information and choices and it is not easy to engage her. While the digital channel provides great opportunity, most companies fail to leverage its true potential.

The cause is simple. Most organizations lack internal resources to develop the rapidly evolving skillsets and analytical capabilities required to generate strategic insights from their digital marketing efforts. Without the right skills, the digital tools create little competitive differentiation for these organizations.

The Corporate training division at DMTI, through its customized approach and deep industry insights, delivers programs that help professionals develop capabilities required to address the current business challenges.

Digital By The DAY™

Digital By The DAY™ (DBD)

Digital By The Day™ is a drip service for people who can invest only few hours a day to enhance their career to a new level by adding a new marketing skill in their repertoire.

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Digital By The Day™ 108 hours program is a path breaking one from the house of DMTI™, The Digital Marketing Training Institute keeping in mind the ever- increasing requirement of people with low on resources in terms of time & speed of grasping new things. Our Board of Advisors, Knowledge Chair & coveted faculties have used their experience of teaching at DMTI™ for the past 6 years & interactions with over 7000 students to have come up with a program that connects meritoriously to the industry always looking at hiring the right kind of talent. 3 hours a day & 3 times a week, this investment can absolutely turn anybody’s knowledge dynamics related to Digital & Direct marketing.