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The best time to power the digital business is now

Whether you are the CMO of a large MNC, a young marketing executive, an enterprising entrepreneur or a bright management, advertising or marketing student it’s quite possible that you are reading up digital resources when you should be fast asleep.We’re forever hungry to discover digital and all that it can do for us. What is it really? Is it new? Is it revolutionary? Can it be learned or taught? Digital is reborn everyday. And that’s the plain truth. Technologies, strategies, methods and data you rely on today will be obsolete tomorrow. From a buzzword and a new media term, digital has ballooned into a mammoth industry over a very little period of time. Every business is today affected by a certain level of digital disruption. Even as you are reading this, somewhere, someone in your company is working night and day to gear up for emerging markets, newer opportunities and the infinite challenges that follow.

Our personal and professional lives have been touched by this phenomenon in more ways than you can imagine. You can tell when parting with even one of our screens has become quite the challenge. The three-screen theory is a thing of the past now, today we operate a variety of screens and this very fact is the sole reason for digital marketing coming of age in India and around the world.

But what are young marketers eager to discover? Online strategy? Campaign optimization? Search? Social? Applications? User journeys? Experiences? Prototyping? Companies and HR resources are constantly trying to champion digital but not everyone understands the science behind industry-relevant training. Today, there is an ever-increasing demand for a talented pool of digital marketers in the country but the supply is always lagging behind. The market is paying a steep price and that includes your company and you too.

At DMTI, we believe that commerce and knowledge grow organically beside one another. Under the sunshine of worldly information, each one of us thrives like a tree of knowledge. Within us, each branch is a part of one’s self with explorations, knowledge and experiences in key areas. Some are young, a few still developing and others have grown newer and newer branches by nurturing others. However different and distinguishable they might be at the tip, they always grow back to the trunk.

We are a consortium of seasoned digital marketers and professionals who realized early on of the growing needs of a digital market. We are fully committed to the mammoth cause of providing the digital media, advertising and communication community with an army of talented digital marketers. We aim to create digital marketers, by digital marketers, for the digital market. People who won’t just shine under the sun but will also radiate knowledge back to their companies, peers, R & D groups, marketing teams, belief officers and CXOs.

We offer comprehensive programs that will cover every aspect of digital marketing and these are imparted by the best names in the digital industry. Our industry-specific faculty develops, teaches, designs programs and workshops, curates ideas and mentors students and working professionals. This direct partnership with industry-leaders is what sets DMTI apart.