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Top 10 Skills Every Digital Marketer Should Know

Feb 19 2019 admin

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Digital marketing is rapidly inching ahead of traditional forms of marketing to become the preferred marketing method for many brands. This has led to a slew of digital marketing job opportunities. Considering a career in this booming industry? Here are the top 10 skills you’ll need to develop to become a digital marketing superstar.

1. SEO and SEM: Anyone aspiring to a digital marketing career should have a deep understanding of SEO and SEM. This is even more crucial when one considers the shifting and changing algorithms of search engines that require digital marketers to be on top of their SEO and SEM
2. Social Media: From hashtags to boosted posts, business pages and more, social media offers a plethora of opportunities for the digital marketer. So it should be no surprise that social media skills are one of the foremost skills for you to have.
3. CRM skills: Brands and their consumers have discovered the ease of customer relationship management through digital media. Having a good understanding of customer relationship management skills is thus, a key skill for any budding digital marketer.
4. Mobile marketing: This is a cheap, easy and a great way to reach out to the masses. Having good mobile marketing skills can help you tap into this innovative audience outreach strategy.
5. Data analysis: The best marketing decisions are backed by data. As a digital marketer, you must be able to analyse and draw valuable conclusions from data to understand the efficacy of your strategies.
6. Writing and editing: If your digital media strategy has poor content, it is bound to fail. Relevant, well-written copies are crucial for audience engagement. Good content is the key for your strategy to go viral. Content also allows for SEO and keyword optimisation of the website or blog and further helps the brand to provide relevant information to its consumers.
7. Email marketing: It is the cheapest and most easy way to reach out to a mass targeted audience and highly effective in getting the word out in cases of events and special occasions such as sales or new launches.
8. Paid marketing: The new algorithms of social media sites have made organic outreach challenging if not impossible, which is why paid social media marketing is vital for success. Developing granular targeting skills, understanding of Facebook insights and oCPM bidding can go a long way in furthering your digital marketing career.
9. Design skills: This also ties into the content skills required for a digital marketer. One doesn’t need to be a photoshop expert, but a basic idea of design principles will help in better coordination with one’s graphics in-charge.
10. Listening skills: As a digital marketer you need to be able to give your consumers exactly what they want and that is not possible if you don’t listen to them. Listening to what the audience feels about the brands and its competitors helps your brand gain insights and develop strategies.