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Tips for aspiring Digital Marketers who wish to kick-start their digital marketing career today!

Feb 19 2019 admin

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There is no time like the present for those who wish to break into the digital marketing industry. The skill deficit means that trained professionals are not only in high demand but also well-paid. For those of you who dream of a digital marketing career here are our top tips to help you give it a running start.

1. Willingness to learn: To say that the digital marketing industry is rapidly expanding and evolving is an understatement. Those who are not willing to learn can find themselves left behind in the dust. Thus a passion and an urge to learn are vital qualities to possess.

2. The ability to stay updated: As stated earlier, the industry is fast evolving. One needs to be able to stay on top of the latest industry news to keep ahead. As algorithms are forever being tweaked and changed this means that those who don’t make an effort to stay updated can get left behind.

3. Networking: A good network is a valuable tool for digital marketers. It helps them stay updated on the happenings in the industry, nurture relationships and update their skill sets. Industry meetups and conferences are the ideal way to go about though there are also a host of online forums and sources to participate in. Having a network of digital marketers is also helpful in situations where one needs a support system.

4. Get your grip on the terminology: PPC, SEO, SEM and more. Digital media is full of many such acronyms and terminologies. Not having a clear knowledge of the industry jargon is an indicator of an unwillingness to learn at worst and a lack of relevant skill set at best.

5. Build your own brand: A digital marketer without an online presence is a hard sell. It is difficult to get the message of how digital marketing can help a potential client when one cannot build their own online presence. Having an online portfolio, blog or personal projects are a great way to showcase one’s skills and learn more about the inner working of the industry.

6. Dig into the data: Digital marketing is driven by data and thus to have a successful digital marketing career one needs to be able to dive into it. Data helps analyse results of a campaign to understand its performance and helps marketers create effective campaigns to best serve their clients. A handy knowledge of data and data analysis can help you get the competitive edge among other candidates.

7. Get certified: Sign up for a digital marketing course or a certification course by Google to truly stand out from your peers. These courses will strengthen your grasp on the industry, help you network, stay updated and get educated about the industry terminology and more. As the digital marketing industry matures, recruiters are on the lookout for certified professionals who have a proven track record.