Social Media Trends in 2019

Feb 19 2019 admin

social media marketing

As the new year begins, it is time for us to peer into the future and decipher the social media trends of the coming months. And from what we can see, the future looks pretty exciting, with chatbots, influencers and more making a mark on the social media landscape. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the trends to keep an eye on this year.

Humanised brands: This has long been on the rise in social media marketing. People have always relied on the recommendations of others to make purchase decisions and social media has only amplified this. People look towards social media influencers to gain information about products and services and the brands are fast catching on. Having influencers turn into brand advocates helps humanise a brand and makes it relatable to its followers. This, in turn, boosts trust and sales. While this is a longstanding trend in social media, it is definitely going to stay strong and not go anywhere.

AI adoption: AI and chatbots are rapidly taking over the Facebook Messenger accounts of many reputed brands. Companies are fast waking up to the fact that these can add another avenue for their brand to provide customer service. Apps like Facebook Messenger, Kik, WhatsApp, and WhatsApp for Business, etc have made it easier for brands to connect and engage with their consumers. These apps make conversations more personalised while also being easy-to-use and quicker. Not to mention the added bonus the company enjoys from having to field the same basic questions over and over again. Improved adoption of AI in social media customer service ensures customers find better and faster responses to their queries.

Video content: 97% marketers state that video helps users understand their products and services with 76% stating that it helps increase traffic and sales. So it is clear that there is no stopping the video. Live streaming, behind the scenes and even tutorials continue to emerge as powerful tools in social media marketing. This also ties into the humanisation of the brand as it helps consumers put a face to the brand’s leaders and learn more about what the brand represents.

Hyperpersonalization: Brands are stepping up their game on targeted advertising. From simple geographical filters to more advanced ones, brands are expected to spend quite a lot to give their audience tailored experiences and offers. One way to do is this by segmenting the consumer base according to preference and giving each a tailored and targeted message. This helps consumers feel special and prevents the brand from reaching out to a small segment of people. A word of caution though, brands must understand the fine line that divides genuine outreach and spam to prevent the consumer from getting annoyed with their message.