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Social Media Marketing Dos And Don’ts

Oct 29 2018 admin

social media marketing

The wide reach of social media means that an increasing number of businesses are including it in their marketing outreach along with other traditional forms of advertising. It is easy to use, significantly cheaper and provides real-time feedback. Whether you’re setting up a Facebook page or an Instagram account, there is no doubt that social media marketing is a powerful tool. As with any powerful tool, social media too needs to be handled with certain guidelines in mind to prevent embarrassing pitfalls.

Don’t post occasionally or when you feel like it: While most businesses think that overdoing on posting is the problem to avoid, the main issue most businesses face is in fact, posting infrequently. When potential consumers visit a business’ page and see posts set at gaps of 3-4 months or more, they’ll gain a negative impression about the company and at times, even think that the business is not trustworthy. This why a business should stick to a set content posting schedule with updates every day or atlas once a week. One more word of caution: Just because the page needs to be updated regularly doesn’t mean updating irrelevant content. The content needs to be relevant to the brand and engaging enough to attract interest.

Do engage in dialogue: The idea of social media is to be social. This means interacting with the followers. This can take the form of engaging in a dialogue in the comments, sharing and liking user-generated content, and following other relevant pages. This can go a long way in increasing the customer service perception of a brand and humanises the company, making it more relatable and trustworthy.

Do use analytics: The best part about social media marketing is that the data is near instantaneous. Harnessing these data points can help businesses fine-tune their campaigns in real time and thus get more bang for their buck. For example, if a business observes that the maximum number of engagement its posts get is at around 5 pm on Tuesdays, then scheduling the updates for that time is the wisest thing to do. Nearly all major social media platforms offer analytics to page owners, making their jobs much easier.

Don’t be everywhere: It may be tempting to be on every social media platform, but it is a) time and money consuming and b) not necessary. For businesses having modest social media budgets, focusing on just one or two platforms is the key to success. After all, no one is going to judge you for not having a Pinterest account if you own a banking business. There simply isn’t a fit! Whereas a more creative company like that of a designer will be better off on Instagram than on LinkedIn.