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Pros & Cons of Digital Marketing

Aug 15 2018 The DMTI

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That digital marketing has taken over our lives is no secret. An increasing number of busi-nesses are looking to it to reach out to their audiences directly at costs that are lower than traditional media. Digital marketing provides higher conversion rates and ROI and is in many aspects better than traditional media. However, everything is without its drawbacks, and digital marketing has some of its own. Let’s take a look at both in an effort to gain a clear and impartial view of the subject.

Low costs: For businesses running on a shoestring budget, digital marketing provides an extremely effective platform. In fact, one does not even need to hire professionals to do the job, online marketing courses can help small business owners become their own digital marketer and thus save costs.
Faster results: Digital marketing is made for the shorter attention spans of the age. Getting one’s message across requires only a status update, post, or comment.
Bigger audience: Traditional marketing targets a generalised population which can result in the message getting lost in the transmission. With digital marketing, one can instantly reach out to one’s target audience and catch the attention of the decision makers.
Expanded customer service: As many businesses show, a quick and responsive customer service on Twitter and Facebook can result in rapid resolution of customer challenges and result in increased goodwill and reduced negative feedback. In many cases the customer service can be done in-house, all that is required is a little online marketing training.

Time-consuming: A relevant digital marketing strategy requires one to be consistent. This means regular posts, updates and more, which can consume a lot of time. Studies show that more than 60% of digital marketers report spending at least 6 hours per day on their digital marketing efforts. About 1 in 3 digital marketers say that they spend 11+ hours working online every day.
Is dependent on external factors: Being online leaves one open to the mercies of the plat-form. Any outage can result in lost revenues and time. For example, a campaign which has been created for Facebook can be ruined if Facebook gets hit by a prolonged outage.

Very easy to copy: What one has spent months to create can get easily cut-copy-pasted by a rival. Marketers must ensure that their campaigns are not stolen by rivals.
The message can get lost: We live in an information inundated age. Ads can be blocked, targeted ads can be ignored and influencers can be unfollowed simply due to information fatigue. The key is to send out relevant, interesting and strong content that compels the audience to listen. Online marketing courses can be a huge help in such situations as they can help marketers create such campaigns.