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Lite And Easy! Top 5 Apps That Don’t Chew Through Your Data Plan.

Dec 04 2016 admin

In this day and age, managing your mobile data consumption has become a very real struggle. With faster speeds we find heavier forms of content. Installing data savers, manually controlling data usage and even switching over to a prepaid connection are just a few of the methods we employ to stay within our monthly limit!

But, with the release of Facebook’s Lite Messenger app, we are seeing a rising trend of low-space and low-data apps. We have created a small list of the top 5 apps which can help you stay well within your limit!

1. Facebook Lite:

The Facebook app offers a wide range of features which end up making it a very heavy app to use. An alternative to the original, Facebook Lite consumes almost 50% less battery and data. Designed for use by lower spec Android phones and in those areas without a decent signal, Facebook Lite will give you all the core functionalities of the original, including push notifications, without chomping through your data plan.2Saavn:

While data consumption through audio streaming is completely user based, Saavn is a very light and easy to use app. If music on the go is your primary requirement, Saavn allows you to control what quality you wish to stream your audio, thereby saving a great deal of data. Saavn Pro also allows you to download all your favourite music so you won’t have to worry about hitting repeat!

2. Google Maps:

How can a navigation app that requires GPS and a data connection be data friendly? Google Maps allows you to download routes, directions and even an entire city’s map for offline use. Simply click on Offline Areas and choose the area you want to download. Now get where you want to go without needing to worry about the data!

3. Fenix:

For a platform aimed at short to-the-point content, the Twitter app is actually pretty heavy! Fenix is an alternative Twitter client with a refreshing look and experience. Fenix allows you to set the background refresh rate of your Twitter feed. This means the app won’t be chewing through data for every new tweet that comes out.

4. Tinder:

Finally, we come to one of the most popular apps on this list. Tinder is a surprisingly light app for the function it provides; barely consuming data to even load the photos. So go ahead and keep swiping!

Data conservation is now of major focus for app developers, who are trying to make their apps as light and data efficient as possible.